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Congratulations to Phoebe McCartan - The 2019 Athena Award Winner

2019 Athena Award

Congratulations to the Athena Award Nominees! These female athletes were chosen by our varsity coaching staff for their outstanding achievements.

Athena Nominees (left to right): Sara Lavin, Jessika Hannah, Lauren Toensing, Evynn Hall, Phoebe McCartan, Darlene McPherson, Shannon Brault.

Join us in recognizing Phoebe McCartan as this year's Athena Winner! Phoebe is a 3-sport athlete: Tennis, Competition Dance, Track & Field. She has been part of the State Dance team two years in a row and was named All Conference this year. She is looking forward to Track & Field this year where she will be returning as team captain. Go Spartans!

Athena Award Nominees