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Sheridan Hills Lego League teams display true spirit of competition

Three Lego League teams made up of fourth and fifth graders from Sheridan Hills Elementary competed at a Minnesota Lego League Regional Challenge in December. The Sheridan Hills teams competed against 32 other teams and were led by teachers Alison Pichel and Jessica Creighton.   


Lego League is an after-school activity in which teams participate in the FIRST Lego League in Minnesota (MN FLL), part of a global robotics program that includes more than 255,000 kids in 88 countries. MN FLL gives students the chance to develop, design, build, and code LEGO® MINDSTORMS® robots to perform autonomous “missions” on a themed playing field and design innovative solutions to a real-world problem inspired by the theme.


The theme changes every year and is based on a real-world scientific topic. Past challenges have included topics such as nanotechnology, climate, biomedical, quality of life for the handicapped, and transportation. This year teams were told to prepare for blast off and break out of their earthly constraints with the space theme “Into Orbit.”


There were three components that teams were tested on at the regional challenge. First, there was the robot game. Teams designed, built and programmed an autonomous robot to achieve specific missions and earn points. Robots compete in three 2.5 minute rounds in an attempt to earn as many points as possible, and teams are evaluated on innovation and strategy, mechanical design, and programming.


The second component is the project. Teams conduct research to solve a real-world problem, develop an innovative solution, and present their work at the competition.


The final component and a cornerstone of the program is core values. Teams are evaluated on how they work together, as well as inspiration, teamwork and gracious professionalism.


The final component of the challenge is where Sheridan Hills teams shined. All three Sheridan Hills teams brought home the Team Spirit Award for their enthusiasm and encouragement of not only their fellow teams but also the teams they were competing against.


“I am so proud of the innovation and the teamwork that they’ve put together this season,”  said teacher and coach Alison Pichel.

Alison Pichel