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Construction Update: School scheduled to start September 3!

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Dear RDLS Families,


We are very excited that the start of school is just around the corner! We are eager to welcome our students and staff back for another year of learning. 


Construction will be continuing in our building during the first few weeks of school. With everyone’s understanding and cooperation, I’m confident we will have a great start to the school year! It will be different, but still great because we have such amazing students and staff!


August 29: Meet Your Teachers - New location at Veterans Park Pavilion!

(Gr. K-1 from 3-4:15 p.m.) (Gr. 2-5 from 4:20-5:45 p.m.)

Because fresh blacktop is being installed in the school parking lot, we are hosting our “Meet Your Teachers” event at the Veterans Park pavilion. We look forward to having our classrooms ready for parents to visit after school starts in September. School supplies may be brought to this event, but please make sure they are in a bag and it is clearly labeled with your child’s name. Students may also bring supplies with them during the first week of school, and not everything needs to be carried on the first day. Our new parking lot will have fewer spaces than usual. If you can walk, bike or carpool, please do. With everyone’s help, we can minimize traffic.


School will open on September 3! And construction will continue. We have solid plans in place to learn and work despite the construction. Here is what you need to know:

  • Entrance: Continue to use the entrance on the east side of the building (Door 10) — the same entrance we used at the end of the last school year for guest entry. It will be monitored for security.
  • Bus riders: If your child is signed up for a bus route, please have them ride on the first day of school. It will help to minimize traffic at school. Buses will pick-up and drop-off in the back of the building. This is good news and will reduce traffic in the front. Please do not drive into the back lot, which is reserved for bus traffic and staff parking.
  • Student drop-off and pick-up by parents: This will now occur in the parking lot off 70th Street. Enter the parking lot at the west entry (closest to RDLS) and pull forward past the main entrance to the end of the building where students will exit the vehicle and then exit back onto 70th Street. Watch for and follow the temporary traffic signs.
  • If your child does not ride the bus, please consider walking to school or carpooling
  • Classrooms: I’m disappointed to share that the cabinetry for our classrooms is delayed and will not be installed until mid-September. I know our teachers like to prepare and organize their classrooms, and without cabinets, they will not be able to unpack all of their materials. However, we do not expect this to disrupt learning. Teachers will be able to access the materials they need each day and will have some temporary shelves that can be used. Please excuse the boxes. Our staff will be focused on getting to know their students and establishing routines as school begins. I know learning and quality instruction will occur despite the boxes.
  • Meals and cafeteria: Our eating areas will be complete, but our kitchen construction will not be finished until mid-September. Our Nutrition Services staff will partner with RSTEM to prep and transport food to our school. I appreciate the extra effort they will provide to ensure all students receive healthy meals.

o    Breakfast will be offered daily with a variety of cold “grab & go” choices including cereal, muffins, bagels, breakfast bread, string cheese, fresh whole fruit, fruit juice and milk.

o    Fresh fruit and vegetables will be served to each classroom daily either before or after lunch.

o    Lunch will consist of a variety of cold “grab & go” lunch options. Choices will include: turkey and cheese sub sandwiches, PBJ uncrustables and string cheese, turkey ham and cheese, and a variety of wraps. We are also working with a local pizza provider for delivery to the school and plan to offer a hot sandwich choice two days a week. All meals will be served with fresh vegetables, fresh fruit and a variety of milk choices.


The first few weeks of school are always an exciting time for us, and this year we will have the additional adventure of watching construction as it is completed in September. The good news is that RDLS will be the first of the district’s construction projects to be completed! As we settle into our routines and new spaces this fall, we will be able to look back and understand the disruption was worth it for the beautiful modern learning spaces and expanded parking.


Thank you for your understanding and support,


Marta Shahsavand,

RDLS Principal


P.S. Please watch your email for additional construction updates, should anything change between now and the first day of school (because construction is sometimes unpredictable).






Estimadas familias de RDLS:


¡Estamos muy emocionados de que el comienzo de la escuela esté a la vuelta de la esquina! Estamos ansiosos por dar la bienvenida a los estudiantes y a los miembros del personal a un nuevo año de aprendizaje.


La construcción continuará en nuestro edificio durante las primeras semanas de clases. Con la comprensión y cooperación de todos, estoy segura de que tendremos un gran comienzo del año escolar. Será diferente, pero seguirá siendo genial porque tenemos unos estudiantes y un personal increíbles.


29 de agosto: Conozca a sus maestros (K-1º de 3 a 4:15 de la tarde) (2º-5º de 4:20 a 5:45 de la tarde) - Cambio de lugar - Será en el Pabellón del Parque de los Veteranos