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All students of Richfield Dual Language School are expected to wear the school uniform everyday with the only exceptions being fall picture day and spring picture day Fridays are considered “School Spiritwear Days”, and students have the option of wearing either their school uniform or a school-sponsored t-shirt or sweatshirt. Contact the school office if you have questions regarding the specific details of the various school uniform options. Students should wear athletic shoes on a daily basis, as students will go to recess everyday (indoors or outdoors) for safety purposes. Donated school uniforms are available in the school office, so please contact the office if you are in need of uniforms. A.

The colors for the Richfield Dual Language School are: burgundy, white, gray and black. B. All clothing should be labeled with student’s first and last name.

Students may choose from among the following uniform dress options:

Shirts (Girls and Boys)  White, Black, Burgundy or Gray Polo Shirt, Short or Long Sleeve  White, Black, Burgundy or Gray Dress Shirt/Blouse, Short or Long Sleeves

Bottoms (Girls)  Khaki, Black or Gray Pants  Khaki, Black or Gray Bermuda Shorts  Khaki, Black or gray Skorts  Burgundy-Plaid Pleated Jumper (Burgundy-plaid v-neck pleated jumpers to be similar to the pattern of the plaid Jumper provided by the School Office.  Black, Khaki, or Burgundy-Plaid

Skirt (Burgundy-plaid pleated skirts to be similar to the plaid pattern of the plaid provided by the School Office)  Black, Khaki or Burgundy-Plaid Skort (Burgundy-plaid skorts to be similar to the pattern of the plaid skorts provided by the School Office) Bottoms (Boys)  Khaki, Black or Gray Pants, Flat Front or Pleated  Khaki, Black or Gray Walk Shorts

Belt  Black Sweaters  Burgundy or black V-Neck Unisex Sweater or Vest w/School Logo  Burgundy or black sweater open at the front w/ School Logo Shoes  Athletic or Black Dress Shoes (No sandals or Open-toed Shoes)

Accessories  Hats or caps may NOT be worn inside the school  Any hair accessories must be unobtrusive