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A child works on an assignment at school

Sometimes it’s not clear who to speak with about resolving a problem or answering a question. Families, students, alumni and community members can have their questions and concerns addressed quickly and efficiently using this online form. Submissions are routed to the correct person and you can expect a response within 1-2 business days.

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  1. Contact the Teacher or Counselor. Most concerns can be resolved with the help of your student’s teacher or school staff.
    • For students in grades PreK-5, contact your student’s teacher.
    • For students in grades 6-12, contact your student’s teacher or counselor.
  2. Contact the School Principal. If you believe your concern is unresolved after working with the teacher or counselor, contact the school principal.
  3. Contact the District Office. If the concern remains unresolved after talking with your school principal, please contact one of the options below based on your situation.
    • Student bullying or discrimination: Complete the anonymous online reporting form.
    • Special Education: Talk to your child's case manager or the Director of Special Education. Contact information is on the Special Education web page.
    • All other concerns: Contact the Assistant Superintendent or the Superintendent. 
  4. Contact the School Board: If your concern has not been addressed by the school or district office, please contact the school board.
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