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Our Schools

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At Richfield Public Schools, we offer...

Personalized Attention

Our classroom teachers, specialists and support staff attend to each student’s unique learning needs. Whether a student benefits from additional supports - like English language learners or special education - or the additional challenges provided by a rigorous curriculum and a strong gifted and talented program, we meet your child where they are at and work with you to push them to the next level.

Low Class Sizes

We provide a world-class education with a small-town feel. Both our neighborhood and magnet schools provide small, personalized, nurturing and stimulating learning environments with teachers who build strong relationships with families.

Enriched Learning

Our schools provide a stimulating and nurturing environment focused on pre-kindergarten through college and career readiness development. Students are given the tools to explore the work through rigorous classes in science, social studies, mathematics, arts and technology. Learning is enriched through community partnerships, such as Woodlake Nature Center; field trips; school assemblies; and the support of skilled and committed volunteers.

Our Elementary Schools

In Richfield Public Schools, you have four great elementary school choices–two neighborhood schools and two magnet schools. The information here will help guide you through the process of choosing the right school for your child. We encourage you to reach out to the principal of each school you’re interested in to arrange a tour.

Regardless of what school you choose, your child will move from early learning fundamentals in reading, writing and math, to studies in science, social studies and literature. Our dedicated and experienced staff attend to each student’s unique learning needs with personalized support. Our high academic standards for all subjects are carried through all of our elementary schools and your child will be provided with a stimulating and nurturing environment in which to thrive.

Our Secondary Schools

They may be "secondary" schools, but Richfield Middle School and Richfield High School are second to none. We offer a seven-period day at both our middle school and high school to provide more choice for our students within a school day, and also to provide additional support for those students who need it. Our highly-qualified teaching staff are continuous learners along with our students, seeking new opportunities to learn throughout the school year to provide our students with an inviting and caring environment along with a challenging and rigorous learning environment.  

Richfield College Experience Program, or RCEP as its known by, is our alternative learning program for those students for whom a traditional school setting isn't ideal. Through a mix of in-class and hybrid learning environments, a focus on each individual's progress and trajectory, and a warm and positive environment, students have found that RCEP is the exact place they need to be to finish their high school experience, and finish strong.

Our wonderfully diverse secondary schools provide excellent preparation for our students, not only for college and the workforce, but for an increasingly connected global society where we all learn from, and with, one another.  

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