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Kindergarten 101

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At Richfield Public Schools, we provide a world-class education with a small-town feel where your child will receive the focused, specialized attention they deserve. Our students are provided a stimulating and nurturing environment and given tools to explore the world through classes in science, social studies, literature, mathematics, arts and technology. All of our kindergartners attend full-day classes, which provides more time to develop skills for future success.

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What will my child learn in kindergarten?

In Kindergarten, students receive instruction in early literacy and numeracy skills, social studies, science, physical education, art, music and social-emotional skills. The curriculum for our kindergarten programs is based on Minnesota Academic Standards. Please visit the MN Department of Education’s Academic Standards website to learn more about the specific content your child will learn in kindergarten.

Here are some examples of the content and skills taught within our kindergarten curriculum:

Frequently Asked Questions

The Kindergarten Enrollment Process

Early Admission

While we do not recommend early admission to kindergarten, there are students who would benefit from starting kindergarten earlier than the recommended age. If your child turns five-years-old after the first day of school and on or before October 31, your child is eligible for consideration for early admission to kindergarten, based upon the following procedures:

  1. Parents/guardians must submit the Early Entrance to Kindergarten Request Form by April 1 of the year your child would enter school.
  2. Parents/guardians must submit a birth record certifying the age of your child.
  3. Children must complete an early childhood screening before requests for early admission will be considered and must have passing scores in all areas on the early childhood screening assessment. Call 612-243-3048 to schedule an appointment for an early childhood screening. We strongly encourage all children to be screened by the age of 3.
  4. We will contact you to schedule a Beginning of Kindergarten Assessment, which will be conducted by a team of experts. A decision will be made based on that assessment, which includes the following:
  • Academic readiness
  • Social-emotional and behavioral readiness
  • Developmental observations

We will schedule a meeting with you to discuss the results of the assessment. If your child is recommended for early admission, they will be placed at a school with available space, after all kindergarten-eligible students are placed. We have two elementary choice programs, which have specific enrollment language which could affect placement: Richfield Dual Language School (RDLS) and Richfield STEM Elementary. Please review our policy on Elementary Choice Programs. All District decisions are final.

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