Enrolling your child in Richfield Schools

  • Richfield Public Schools provides a world-class education with a small-town feel where each student gets the focused, specialized attention they deserve. We offer a range of challenging programs and pathways that provide students with a seamless transition from pre-kindergarten through their senior year of high school and beyond.

    Both our elementary neighborhood and choice schools provide small, personalized learning environments with teachers who build strong relationships with families.

    Our schools provide a stimulating and nurturing environment focused on PreK through college and career readiness development. Students are given the tools to explore the work through rigorous classes in science, social studies, mathematics, arts, and technology.

    Learning is also enriched through partnerships with many community partnerships such as the University of Minnesota, Wood Lake Nature Center, Mayo Clinics, and Best Buy, as well as the support of skilled and committed volunteers.

    At Richfield Schools We Offer

    • Personalized Attention
      Our classroom teachers, specialists and support staff attend to each child’s unique learning needs. Whether a child benefits from additional supports - like English Language Learners, Newcomer Academy or Special Education - or the additional challenges provided by a rigorous curriculum and a strong gifted and talented program, we meet your child where they are at and work with you to push them to the next level.

    • Low-Class Sizes
      Richfield Public Schools provides a world-class education with a small-town feel. Both our neighborhood and magnet schools provide small, personalized, nurturing and stimulating learning environments with teachers who build strong relationships with families.

    • Enriched Learning
      Learning is enriched through community partnerships, such as Wood Lake Nature Center; field trips; school assemblies; and the support of skilled and committed volunteers.

    • Enrollment Center
      Central Education Building
      7145 Harriet Ave. S. | Richfield
      Door 5
      Hours for the month of August only
      Monday 9am-4pm
      Tuesday - Thursday 9am-7pm
      Friday 9am-4pm

    To enroll your child at any Richfield School please fill out the following forms:

    To enroll your child in Grades 1-12  additional information required:

    • Name and address of the previous school attended (for requesting Student records)

    • A copy of the student's IEP if previously receiving Special Education Services

    • A copy of the students 504 Plan if previously receiving 504 accommodation 

    If you are not a district resident and would like to enroll in the Richfield Schools, you will need to fill out an open enrollment form. Not sure if you are a resident, or would like to know which Elementary your student will attend? Click on this district map link to see school locations and boundaries. 
    [Note: Students enrolling in the Richfield Dual Language School (RDLS) in grade 2-5 
    must contact the school for further information.] 


    For enrollment, questions contact the building secretary:

    K-5        Centennial - 7315 Bloomington Ave S.    Contact: Shelly Ulmer (612)798-6802

    K-5        R-STEM -  7020 12th Ave S.    Contact: Carol Scanlon (612)798-6604

    K-5        Richfield Dual Language - 7001 Elliot Ave S.  Contact: (612)798-6702

    K-5        Sheridan Hills - 6400 Sheridan Ave S.  Contact: Karen Madsen (612)798-6902

    6-8        Richfield Middle School -  Contact: Maritza Zaldana (612)798-6402

    9-12      Richfield High School - Contact:  Doris Pomerleau (612)798-6120


     Information about:

    Kindergarten Enrollment

    Pre-K Enrollment