• Welcome to Richfield Public Schools English Language Learner Program

    Department Vision:
    The Richfield ELL Department inspires all English learners to develop confidence and competence in their native language development and in their English language development so that they may succeed socially, academically and vocationally.

    Mission: English as a second language teachers (ESL) collaborate to:

    Co-plan, co-teach, and co-assess in English language arts, science and social studies during first time instruction
    Play an integral role in curriculum development through the backward design process
    Ensure teaching addresses content, literacy and ELD standards
    Ensure assessments and activities are: Derived from the standards’ benchmarks
     Differentiated and scaffold by proficiency level
    Ensure the domains of reading, writing, speaking and listening are represented in all stages of planning, teaching and assessment.

  • Kasya Willhite

    Kasya Willhite