Welcome to the Counseling Office

  • School counselors are student advocates who work cooperatively with school staff, families, and outside agencies to promote the academic, personal/social, and career development of all students. School counselors focus on providing supportive services and helping students develop decision-making skills, increase their understanding of themselves and others, and explore career interests.

    School counseling is a process of helping students by assisting them in making decisions and changing behavior. This process enables students to make changes in their lives by looking at their thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and ways of getting along with others. School counseling can help students understand themselves better and make the best decisions for them. The overall goals are to develop a better awareness of feelings, make the most of strengths and abilities, and change behavior that is not working. Growth and change happen gradually through gaining insight into problems, deciding on a plan for change, and practicing new behaviors.

    We provide individual and small group counseling, guidance, and assistance. We are also involved with new student registration, scheduling, grade level and building transitions, consultation with parents and teachers, classroom presentations, 504 case management, referrals to outside agencies and overall coordination of the school counseling program.

    Any information a student shares with his/her counselor will remain confidential except in cases where he/she indicates the potential to harm him/herself or another individual. In addition, Minnesota law mandates us, along with all school staff, to report any allegations of child abuse/neglect.

Contact Info

  • Hours: 8:10am - 2:40pm

    Phone: 612-798-6404


    We are located on the main floor in the
    Middle School.