Welcome to the Richfield College Experience Program

  • About Us
    The Richfield College Experience Program (RCEP) is an opportunity to expand options for high school students.  The goal is to offer students the opportunity to experience a college campus while being dual enrolled in high school and college courses.    This program supports students with the desire and motivation to graduate from high school and achieve success in college.  Teachers and staff support students to help them transition from high school to college through instruction, advising, and planning a college or career pathway.
    RCEP is a program designed to meet the individual educational needs of students.  The following supports for students are provided to ensure academic success:
    • Small learning communities developed to support ongoing student engagement
    • Technology access through Chromebooks, computer labs, and media resources
    • Staff advising hours to support student academic and social-emotional needs
    • Regularly scheduled career and college planning services including tutoring
    • Guidance Counselor and school-based mental health services

    Dual Enrollment
    At RCEP, students work toward their high school graduation while simultaneously earning college credits at Normandale Community College through a process called dual enrollment. Each student will have the opportunity to enroll in college courses to help them move forward in their academic and career goals. Our students may complete requirements for their high school diploma and earn college credit at no cost while being supported by both Richfield Public Schools and Normandale Community College teachers and staff.

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