Welcome to the Richfield College Experience Program

  • About RCEP
    The Richfield College Experience Program (RCEP) is an opportunity to recover credits and expand options for high school students who may need a different environment than that of a traditional high school setting.  The goal at RCEP is to offer students the opportunity to learn in a small community where each voice matters, acknowledge prior learning and provide a personalized learning experience tailored to each individual as they work toward graduation.  Individuals with consistent attendance and work completion in the first semester will have the opportunity of dual enrollment at Normandale Community College to earn high school and college credit with guidance and support by our school counselor.  

    RCEP is a program designed to meet the individual educational needs of students.  The following supports for students are provided to ensure academic success:
    • Small learning communities developed to support ongoing student engagement
    • Technology access through Chromebooks, computer labs, and media resources 
    • 24/7 access to learning
    • Staff advising hours to support student academic and social-emotional needs
    • School Counselor for academic planning and support  
    • Student support services provided by the School Social Worker and Special Education teacher