• smiling kindergarten image Is your child ready to begin an amazing kindergarten adventure? At Richfield Public Schools, we provide a world-class education with a small-town feel where your child will receive the focused, specialized attention they deserve.

    Our students are provided a stimulating and nurturing environment and given tools to explore the world through classes in science, social studies, literature, mathematics, arts and technology. All of our kindergartners attend full-day classes, which provides more time to develop skills for future success.

How Do I Enroll My Kindergartner?

  • Step 1: Make sure your child is ready for kindergarten

    Children who are five years old on or before Sept. 1, 2020, are eligible for kindergarten in 2020-21. If you’d like to request an early entrance for your child, you must contact your choice school’s principal to receive written permission.

    The state of Minnesota requires that all children be screened before they enter kindergarten. This is a FREE and simple check of how your child is growing and developing, which includes hearing, vision, speech and motor abilities. If your child hasn’t completed a screening, call 612-243-3048 or email ecscreening@rpsmn.org to schedule the screening.

    Step 2: Attend an open house event

    In order to make the most fitting decision regarding the program that is ideal for your child, it is recommended that you attend open houses for your neighborhood school and any other elementary school option that interests you. During these open houses, you will learn about Richfield’s kindergarten program and have the opportunity to meet the school principal. Open house information can be found here.

    Step 3: Enrollment

    Once you complete and submit all enrollment forms your child is enrolled with the district! Forms can be turned in at any open house event, through the mail, or in-person at any elementary school or the district office. Online enrollment forms will be available in early 2020.

    Forms that must be completed include: 

    You'll also need to be able to provide: 

    1. Birth certificate (or other reliable proof of student identity and age)
    2. Early childhood screening results

    If you change your mind about which school you’d like to enroll your child at, you can contact your preferred school to change enrollment options at any time before the school year begins.

    Step 4: Let the kindergarten adventure begin!

    School supply lists will be sent in the summer and families find out who their child’s teacher is in late August. Then, the fun and learning begin!