• Intramurals are free for all 6-8 grade students who want to join.

    Students need to show up on the given day and check in with the supervisor.

    Activity goes until 4:15 and students can take the activity bus or get picked up.
    More activities will be added as the year goes on so check back every month or so.

    If you have questions, please contact Beth Johnson at 612-798-6483 or beth.johnson@rpsmn.org


                                         2018-19 RMS Intramurals


    Days of the Week




    Run Club everyday fall Lori Thimm High school
    Announcements Club Thursdays all year Nate Edwards media
    Drama Club Tues & Thurs 11/7-3/22 Nate Edwards Auditorium
    Girls Indoor Soccer Tuesdays 11/28-4/17 Tristan Weinmaster Lower gym
    Weight Room Wednesday 10/4-1/24 Gary Aylward Weight room
    Dungeons & Dragons Mondays 12/4-3/15 Will Oonka 103
    Writing Club   12/6-3/15 Laura Deters 306
    Chess Club  Mon & Tues 2/12 - 3/26 Tim Campbell 311
    Dodgeball       Lower gym
    Floor Hockey       Lower gym
    Rubiks Club        
    Lego (Maker) Club   spring    
    Girls Soccer   spring Tristan Weinmaster fields
    Boys Soccer   spring   fields
    Kickball       fields
    Board Games     Nate Edwards