Reporting Your child's Absence

  • Report an absence: (612) 798-6405  



    If the student is going to miss school or come in late, a parent/guardian needs to call the 24-hour attendance line
    (612-798-6405) as soon as possible for each day of absence. Leave a complete message including the name of the person
    calling, the relationship to the student, the student's name, grade, date of the absence, the reason for the absence, and a
    daytime phone number. An acceptable alternative to notifying the school of an absence is to send a signed note containing the
    same information to the front desk with the student.

    If your student has to leave school during the day, a parent/guardian must notify the school of the absence as soon as
    possible. An acceptable alternative to calling the school is to send a signed note that your child can bring to the front desk
    immediately after arriving at school for the day. Parents will need to check the student out with a valid ID at the front desk
    before leaving. School-sponsored absences need to be verified at the time of the absence and are considered excused.
    Make-up work is required. Examples are a field trip, suspension, and participation in school-supported services.


    More attendance information on page 7 of the Parent Handbook