Welcome to Richfield Public Schools

  • equity for all

    Richfield Public Schools is committed to viewing and analyzing all of our work through a racial and cultural equity lens so that each individual can learn, grow and excel.   Richfield Public Schools will partner with families and the community to better identify and eliminate barriers that can interfere with each individual’s opportunity to excel.  

    As outlined in our strategic plan, ALL learners will have access to rigorous learning opportunities.  We will strive to all have all students achieve high-level academic outcomes which are not predictable by race, culture, socioeconomic status, language, gender, ethnicity or any other characteristic.  Learners - both students and staff - will acquire an awareness of their own identity, value others’  similarities, and differences, and gain a deep understanding of how all of us intersect with our global society.


    Richfield Public Schools believes:

    • in inspiring our students to grow, adapt and discover their place in the world

    • all children have a right to quality education, high standards, rigorous curriculum and powerful instruction

    • in providing instruction that supports the different ways people learn

    • that valuing our diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives fosters unity and empowers all

    • the collective efforts of students, home, school, and community  form the foundation for excellence

    • that core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility will be modeled, taught and nurtured

    • it is everyone's responsibility to provide a safe, supportive and engaging environment 


    Richfield Public Schools will:

    • provide a high quality, competitive educational system

    • accelerate achievement for ALL students

    • engage family and community members as partners

    • ensure an environment where ALL belong