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Students met with Rep. Omar to discuss policy issues and future aspirations

Students met with Rep. Omar to discuss policy issues and future aspirations

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar visited with students in the Richfield College Experience Program (RCEP), where she engaged with them on a variety of topics ranging from personal aspirations to pressing policy matters. 

“Having her visit our school provided a unique opportunity for our students to directly interact with a prominent political figure and gain insights into the workings of government,” said Dr. Kasya Willhite, the Director of RCEP. “The students were excited to meet her and prepared questions in advance of her visit with their RCEP teachers so that they could make the most of their time with her.”

Congresswoman Omar fielded a range of questions from students, reflecting their diverse interests and concerns. Among the inquiries posed to her were whether she supports the ban on TikTok, her childhood career aspirations, the challenges of her role in Congress, encounters with the President, leisure activities, celebrity meetings, her stance on fracking, and a glimpse into her typical workday.

Reflecting on her childhood dreams, Congresswoman Omar shared her aspiration of becoming a teacher and about teaching nutrition classes, which is what ultimately led to her deciding to run for office. When discussing the challenges of her job, she highlighted the demanding nature of public service and the rigorous schedule - including the constant travel to and from Washington, D.C.

In providing insights into her typical workday, she painted a picture of a fast-paced environment filled with meetings, policy briefings, constituent engagements and legislative duties, highlighting the multifaceted nature of her role as a congresswoman.

She then turned the spotlight on the students, asking them about their goals after graduation. The responses varied, showcasing the diverse dreams of our students. From aspiring astronomers and sports psychologists to musicians, tattoo artists, dental hygienists, and those still undecided, their goals reflected a variety of diverse interests and career paths.

Overall, Congresswoman Omar's visit to RCEP provided a meaningful experience for both the students and herself. While the Congresswoman visits many schools, this was her first time touring and learning about an alternative high school program. The event ended with student selfies and positive energy all around.

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The Richfield College Experience Program (RCEP) provides a dynamic learning environment for high school students who thrive in non-traditional classroom settings. Our small, supportive community focuses on meeting individual needs to help students achieve graduation and pursue higher education. Learn more at

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