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A teacher at Centennial is interviewed for the evening news.
Richfield High School: Where Dreams Are Realized

We often talk about how our teachers and staff work each day to inspire and empower students to learn, grow and excel. Lissette Rosas Miguel is one of those students who was deeply impacted by her time in Richfield and by one teacher in particular. In Dr. Nikki Schiffler’s English class, she felt seen and understood. She also developed a passion for teaching!

This year, Ms. Rosas joined us as an elementary teacher at Richfield Dual Language School.

“Dr. Schiffler was not only a teacher but also a mentor to me—maybe she didn’t even know,” Ms. Rosas said. She was not only in Dr. Schiffler’s English class, but an active part of the National Honor Society (which Dr. Schiffler helped to advise) and also her teaching assistant (TA) during her senior year.

“I could see how much she loved supporting younger students,” reflected Dr. Schiffler when thinking about Ms. Rosas’s time as her TA and in the National Honor Society, working with younger students and peers. “She was always kind and helpful and never someone who just gave an answer, she would always explain it.” 

Dr. Schiffler has worked in Richfield Public Schools for 21 years. “I wouldn’t want to teach anywhere else,” she said. “I love being in Richfield!”

Ms. Rosas also loves Richfield Public Schools. “I wanted to teach in Richfield because I was born and raised here, so to give back to my community would be great. However, the most important thing that stood out to me was the opportunity to help students who are like me—meaning students whose parents don’t have a formal education or whose parents immigrated here when they were young,” said Ms. Rosas.

What are her hopes and dreams for her own teaching career? 

“Hopefully, I get to see more students who have a different background. Maybe one day I will have a student who becomes a teacher? I think that would be really cool to see.” 

Dr. Schiffler said she felt honored to have made such a big difference in the life of one of her students. “It was really a pleasant surprise—to say it was touching isn’t enough.” She said. “She has so much to give, and I just feel like we are going to be better for having her here.”

In Richfield Public Schools, creating an environment where students not only feel connected and supported, but also one where students want to return to after graduation is an accomplishment that we are proud of. We are thrilled to welcome Ms. Rosas back into our District, this time as a teacher, with dreams of her own to support and inspire her students.

Ms. Rosas is not the only alum working at Richfield Public Schools. We are proud to have a number of our graduates on staff in a variety of roles across the District. If you are interested in joining our staff, you can find our current postings online (being an alum is not required).

Photo: National Honor Society at RHS, 2014

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