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Listening to Our Preschool Students

Listening to Our Preschool Students

Kirsten Thorson’s preschool classroom at the Central Education Center provides students as young as 3 years old with an opportunity to have their voices heard. 

Student voice is a term often used in Richfield Public Schools. It means we listen to and truly value what our students have to say. Most often visible at the high school level and through our Reimagine Richfield program, students of all ages benefit from having a voice in their education.

One of the ways Ms. Kirsten incorporates student voice in her class is by allowing students to “vote” on which book they would like to read. Students choose between two books as part of their “What book should we read today?” literacy lesson.

The beautiful thing about this activity is that it combines both literacy and math experiences. Student votes are added and students work on number recognition, counting and comparing as part of the process. This is what academic rigor looks like in a preschool classroom.

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Updated Bus Tracking App

If your child rides the school bus, and you previously used the Ride 360 app, we want you to know that the app is being replaced by a new, updated app called My Ride K-12. 

2023 graduate holding diploma

The Minnesota Department of Education released the 2023 graduation rates. We are excited to share that we have made consistent gains in many areas and that Richfield High School’s four-year graduation rate (94.1%) exceeds the statewide graduation rate of 83.3% by 10.8 percentage points. 

A teacher at Centennial is interviewed for the evening news.

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