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A teacher at Centennial is interviewed for the evening news.
New Grading System for Elementary Students

We are in the process of moving toward a fully standards-based grading and reporting system for elementary students. A standards-based report card lists the most important skills and concepts students should learn in each subject at their grade level, and families receive specific information about the progress their child is making toward mastering those skills and concepts. Our goal is to clearly, accurately and consistently communicate learning progress and achievement to students and families. While the actual elementary report card has not yet changed, we have started making shifts in our assessment and grading practices to support this work.

During the second trimester this year, teachers began using a common set of assessments to measure each student’s mastery of grade-level standards. Specific criteria for each of the assessments was established to indicate if a student was meeting expectations for their grade level. Teachers collected evidence of students’ ability to independently apply what they were learning using these common assessments, and the results were used to inform scores on the report card. The assessments are now used at every RPS elementary school to ensure consistency in how students are evaluated. 

Mastery of grade-level standards is expected by the end of the school year. Most students will not meet all of the year-end goals in the first or second trimesters of the school year. For example:

  • First Trimester: At the end of the first trimester, most students will likely earn scores of 1 or 2, indicating a beginning or developing level of knowledge and skill. 
  • Second Trimester: At the end of the second trimester, students who are on track to meet grade-level expectations by the end of the year will likely earn scores of 2 or 3. 
  • Third Trimester: By the end of the third trimester, students receiving scores of 3 are considered to be on grade level. Students receiving scores of 4 are exceeding grade-level standards.

If you have general questions about the shifts we are making in our grading practices or you would like to participate in a focus group to offer feedback on our ongoing report card work, please reach out to your building principal or Rachel Gens, Director of Elementary Education at If you have specific questions about your child’s mastery of grade-level standards and/or academic progress, please contact their classroom teacher.

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Thank You: The End of the 2020-21 Year

The most unique year, filled with challenges and successes, tears and laughter, distance learning, Google Meets and in-person reunions, has come to a close. Thank you to everyone —students, teachers, staff and families—who navigated the challenges that this year brought with grace and kindness.

Students tossing their caps into the air after graduation

Last week, MDE released the 2020 graduation rate data for schools and districts across the state and we have some exciting news to share!

chickens on a video

Curious to know how technology has improved within Richfield Public Schools over the last few years? We were fortunate to already have Chromebooks set up for each of our secondary students prior to the pandemic. Along with all the pandemic-related challenges, IT Director Cory Klinge discusses livestreaming, smart boards in classrooms, portable hotspots, chicken cameras and more


We are collecting all school-issued technology between June 2-9. This includes Chromebooks, cords, snap-on cases and wireless hotspots.

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