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Marching Spartans Kick Off Another Season

Marching Spartans Kick Off Another Season

The Marching Spartans have been at work gearing up for their competitive season. The group’s competitive season begins at the Owatonna and Waconia parades on Saturday, June 15. The 2024 Marching Spartans features 50 student performers, with a repertoire including music by Richard Strauss, David Bowie and Elton John. Their competitive program, titled “Liftoff,” will be showcased at events across Minnesota this summer.

“These students have dedicated themselves to be the best they can be and we ask a lot of them,” said Marching Spartans Director Chad Armbruster. “This activity relies heavily on every single performer’s commitment. There are no substitutes and all students are starters on our varsity team. We’re excited to showcase their work to tens of thousands of spectators in the coming weeks and represent Richfield High School. We are also thrilled for the opportunity to perform locally with the return of the July 4 parade here in Richfield!”

Drum Major Gwen Royster is excited for the start of the season. “I've been doing marching band for three years now, so I've got a lot of fun memories!” she said. “My favorite part about marching band is getting to meet the other bands. Even though we've never met each other before, there's an understanding that we're all friends and we're all here for the same reason, and honestly, that's the best part!”

When asked about what advice she would give to fellow RHS students thinking about joining the marching band, Gwen says, “Go for it! There’s something for everyone. You can play an instrument, hit a drum, crash a symbol, dance with a flag or hold a banner! It's a great way to get to see your friends almost every day. I look forward to marching band every summer!”

“I’m proud of the effort our students have shown so far this season,” added Director Armbruster. “We appreciate all of the support from the community and our volunteers to make this experience possible.”


2024 Marching Spartans Performance Tour:

  • June 13: Fridley
  • June 15: Owatonna
  • June 15: Waconia
  • June 19: Foley
  • June 21: Sauk Rapids
  • June 24: Roseville 
  • June 26: Valleyfair
  • June 29: Saint Cloud
  • June 30: Alexandria 
  • July 4: Edina
  • July 4: Richfield

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