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Joe & Bill's Lemonade Stand for Gillette Children's

Joe & Bill's Lemonade Stand for Gillette Children's

For anyone who has ever attended a sporting event at Richfield High School, Joe Carr would be very familiar to you. Known as the Spartan super fan, he has a love for sports and hopes to one day be a writer or sports blogger for the Minnesota Twins.

Joe is also famous around Richfield for his annual lemonade stand. 

Each summer, starting in 2016, Joe has held a lemonade stand outside his home as a fundraiser for Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare. “The summer before I started eighth grade at Richfield Middle School, I had a big surgery at Gillette,” explains Joe. “That summer, I decided I wanted to have a lemonade stand for them and give back. Gillette has done a lot for me over the years--I have had physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and multiple surgeries there. They helped me get the medical equipment that I needed, too.”

He is grateful for the generosity and support of the Richfield community. Since starting the stand in 2016, he has raised almost $40,000, including $12,802 from the stand this past summer! “It makes me happy that so many people are willing to help and donate,” he says. “I love to see everyone at the stand.” 

Joe graduated from Richfield High School in 2021 and is currently attending the district’s Transition Plus program. “I have had a great first year in Transition Plus and I’m looking forward to two more years,” says Joe. “It is helping me get ready for my future and getting a job. We learn life skills like meal planning, grocery shopping, etc. and they have helped me get job experience and work on my resume.” While attending Richfield High School, he also had the opportunity to interview athletes, which helped him with his career goals. 

I love Richfield! Go Spartans!

Richfield Transition Plus provides programming to meet the individual student needs of young adults with disabilities ages 18-21. Transition Plus provides assistance and support while students are pursuing transition goals and objectives.

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