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Congratulations Wallin Scholars!

Congratulations Wallin Scholars!

Wallin Education Partners has officially announced their 2023 scholarship recipients and we are thrilled that ten Richfield High School students were offered the scholarship! Each scholar will receive up to $16,000 over four years, as well as college advising and access to ongoing support. 

What makes this even more exciting is that Wallin chose RHS as a school where they would surprise Scholars on camera! Each of our Wallin Scholars was invited to participate in a video about our Career and College Center, but during the filming, they were surprised with the scholarship! You can watch the heartwarming video below (or on our YouTube channel).

Congratulations to all of our Wallin Scholars: Adam Douiri, Andy Mera, Anthony Rutherford, Elsy Marbeli Cruz Parra, Kharisma Naidu, Kokou Sronvi, Michael Montano-Aguilar, Ryan Kelleher, Sophia Proulx and Trey Petersen!



Press Release:

Surprising Students with Wallin Scholarship

St. Paul, MN – Wallin Education Partners surprised 30 students from four high schools with the news that they had been awarded a Wallin Scholarship! 

Today, Wallin is announcing its largest class ever, with 361 four-year scholars from 70+ high schools and over $8 million in support. 

Each scholar will receive up to $16,000 over four years, advising, and access to support. 

The surprises took place in Blaine High School, Johnson High School, Owatonna High School, and Richfield High School. 

88% of this year’s class are students of color, 74% are first-generation, and 100% have demonstrated financial need.

“Each student motivates and inspires us. Our scholars are creating a more equitable Minnesota, one that we desire and that they deserve,” said Susan Basil King, EdD, President & CEO of Wallin Education Partners. 

To see the full surprise video or to meet our newest Wallin Scholars, please visit

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