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2023 Graduation Rates Released

2023 Graduation Rates Released

The Minnesota Department of Education released the 2023 graduation rates. We are excited to share that we have made consistent gains in many areas and that Richfield High School’s four-year graduation rate (94.14%) exceeds the statewide graduation rate of 83.34% by 10.8 percentage points. 


  • 94.1% graduation rate for students at Richfield High School (up 12.1 percentage points since 2019), including:
    • 90.6% graduation rate for Latinx students (up 29.6 percentage points since 2019)
    • 85.9% graduation rate for students learning English (up 25.2 percentage points since 2019)
  • 86.7% graduation rate for students in the Richfield College Experience Program (up 59.9 percentage points since 2019)

The gains we have been consistently making are a direct result of the targeted, dedicated work of our teachers and support staff. Much of this work started in 2017 with Reimagine Richfield and our 2021-26 strategic plan; however, the ongoing success of our students can also be attributed to an increase in tracking student data and working in real-time to help students earn or recover credits.

Combined, all of these changes have positively impacted student engagement and performance in Richfield Public Schools, and the results can be viewed over the past five years. We are especially proud of the growth in the Richfield College Experience Program (RCEP). This is an alternative program for high school students that focuses on innovative credit recovery practices, social-emotional well-being and recognition of multilingual abilities. Thanks to the efforts of the staff and leadership in the RCEP program, the graduation rate for students at RCEP has skyrocketed.

You can view all the numbers and charts on our Graduation Rates page, and you can view the statewide graduation information in the Minnesota Report Card section of the Minnesota Department of Education website.

While there is always room to grow, we are incredibly proud of these results and the dedication of our students, staff and families. The Richfield Public School District is a great place to learn, grow and excel.

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