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Senior Stories: Morgan Brown

Senior Stories: Morgan Brown

“I've had the pleasure of knowing Morgan since ninth grade,” says math teacher Laurie Seibert. “She is an absolutely incredible human: smart, kind, driven and has a beautiful soul. She is a dedicated and thoughtful person, who I was lucky enough to have in my presence each day of her senior year, when she was my student aide. I am very grateful to have maintained a connection with her through all four years of her high school experience! She brings me such joy.”

Mrs. Seibert also had an impact on Morgan. “Mrs. Seibert had the greatest impact on me because she has such a sweet soul and always checked up on me if she felt like I might need it,” explained Morgan. “Mrs. Seibert cares about her students and this year she even started handing out Beanie Babies for students who were having a bad day or if they just wanted one.”

After high school, Morgan plans to study nursing at the University of Minnesota. Her dream job is to travel the world and try different cuisines.

At RHS, Morgan was a part of the soccer team for five years. She says her favorite thing about school was playing sports and the friends that she made while playing. Morgan encourages incoming freshmen to get involved: “The advice I would give to freshmen would be to join a sport or a club, you will make so many friends and develop a love for the activity!”


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This week we honored the 2023 Athena Nominees: Grace Anderson, Sarah Carlson, Emilly Dzierzak, McKay Hall, Maren Jensen, Julia Lindow, Eva Patenaude and Josie Popp.

Honor band students at Tri-Metro Conference

Over the past few weeks, Richfield High School band students have been active performers at several honor band concerts. Congratulations to all of the students for their acceptance into these events that led to outstanding performances and a proud representation of Richfield High School.

climate crisis class with their solar suitcase

Richfield High School students in the yearlong Climate Crisis class are making a difference across the world — for the fourth year in a row! This semester, students finished putting together their “solar suitcase,” which was sent to Kenya last week to provide light to students at schools with no access to electricity. 

elsy with award

Join us in congratulating senior Elsy Cruz Parra for receiving the TWIST EPIC Award from Target through her Genesys Works Internship. TWIST stands for Target Women in Science and Technology, while the EPIC stands for Engagement, Passion, Innovation, and Curiosity in All Things STEM.

A teacher at Centennial is interviewed for the evening news.

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