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Senior Stories: Mari Rummel

Senior Stories: Mari Rummel

“Mari's enthusiastic and inclusive personality is heartwarming and energizing,” said Counselor Jessica Okey. “She brings light and positivity to all she does.”

Mari Rummel plans to attend Lawrence University to study math, environmental science and Spanish. She sees herself in a career working in a collaborative job in science. “I'm not exactly sure what my dream job is,” she said, “but I know I want to work in a collaborative, hands-on, STEM-based job.” Mari also plans to be involved in research and wants to study abroad during college. “Having a career where I could travel, spend time outside and meet different people would be really cool.” 

She will also run track and cross country at Lawrence University, which is something she enjoyed at RHS, as well. In addition to being on the RHS track and cross country teams, Mari was on the Nordic ski team for two years, and she was involved with the Spartan Crew, National Honor Society and the Green Team. In her free time, Mari enjoys being outside and exploring new places. She’s looking forward to going on the annual Boundary Waters canoe trip with the Green Team. 

During her time in high school, Mari is the most proud of her involvement and dedication. “I loved committing to working hard in hard classes, clubs and sports,” she said. “I think I was able to be a leader in my activities this year because I was so dedicated to them, and I am proud of that.”

In college, Mari plans to continue working hard and getting as much work experience as she can. “I'm also excited to explore more specific fields and discover what I am most excited to study in college!” She also hopes to be involved in the school and town community, since it’s a small school. 

Mari went to Richfield Dual Language School and Richfield Middle School, and has been part of the Dual Language Immersion program since elementary school. “I still have Spanish classes with the same kids I've been with since kindergarten, which makes our community so strong and unique.” Recently, her Spanish class traveled to Chicago to see a play, and all of the students enjoyed spending time together before graduation.

If Mari could volunteer with any company, she would choose a global, environmental organization like the United Nations Environmental Programme. “I would love to see how other places deal with environmental issues, and work with other people to help solve climate caused problems.”

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