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Senior Stories: Madalyn Hintermeister

Senior Stories: Madalyn Hintermeister


“Madalyn is a gem of a human,” says RHS teacher and cheer coach Laurie Seibert. “She is caring, compassionate, detail-oriented and focused on helping others be the best they can be. She is a reliable and trusted individual, who has a beautiful love of life. She is immensely appreciated. I loved having her as a cheer captain her senior year, and I loved having her as my student aide every day of spring semester. She has a light that shines very bright.”

Madalyn is looking forward to attending the University of Wisconsin - River Falls and majoring in Secondary English Education with a minor in Psychology. Her eventual goal is to become a high school English teacher. 

At RHS, Madalyn is grateful that the staff and teachers are so welcoming and friendly every day. She’s especially grateful for her teacher and cheer coach, Mrs. Seibert. This year she served as a T.A. for Mrs. Seibert and that was her favorite class! “I chose to be her T.A. because she’s like a mom to me,” explained Madalyn. “She listens to me and gives me advice when I need it most.”

Three words to describe Madalyn are silly, bubbly and genuine. Outside of school, she enjoys cheer, arts and crafts, making blankets and playing soccer. 

When asked who she would meet, if she could meet anyone, she responded that it was a toss up between Zac Efron (her celebrity crush) and Princess Diana. If Madalyn were on a reality TV show, she would want to be on Survivor. “I might not survive,” she joked, “but it would be fun anyways.” Her advice to freshmen: “Always get back up when you fall.”


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Over the past few weeks, Richfield High School band students have been active performers at several honor band concerts. Congratulations to all of the students for their acceptance into these events that led to outstanding performances and a proud representation of Richfield High School.

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