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A teacher at Centennial is interviewed for the evening news.
Senior Stories: Jaden LaBlanc

With COVID-19, this year was difficult for most students, but Jaden had the added challenge of spending part of it on house arrest. But overcoming his past mistakes is the thing he is most proud of. “I was able to overcome this and used the time to really kick in with my studies and make the most of my senior year. It was a harsh reality but I came out the other side and am on top of my game!” He added, “I am lucky to have a very supportive family who always has my back.”

“Jaden has made the most of his time at the South Education Center and has been determined to not only graduate but also attend college,” said Ms. Rutherford, one of his staff members. “He has done remarkably well during the challenge of distance learning during the pandemic and was our most dependable student. He logged in and sought us out for help and afterward he did what so few students think to do—he thanked us!”

One of Jaden’s favorite courses was culinary arts, which he took at Hennepin Technical College. He enrolled in the course because he has always liked to cook. “When I was like 3 or 4-years old, my brother taught me how to cook eggs,” he explained. And it grew from there. After graduating, he plans to attend college and take more Culinary Arts courses—although his dream job is to be part of a CSI team! Jaden is also working two jobs, so he has had to learn how to balance a busy schedule while still focusing on his education.

Of course, there is also a fun-loving side to him. He enjoys playing basketball and when asked what reality TV show he would most like to appear on, the answer was a resounding: “Oh, American Ninja Warrior! I mean come on!” If he could travel anywhere, he would visit Puerto Rico and if he could meet anyone, he would most like to have met Tupac Shakur because “he was the king of hip-hop in the ’90s, which led to the great Black music scene of today,” he explains.

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Senior Stories: Natalie Hanson

Natalie is looking forward to attending the University of Colorado Boulder’s Engineering Honors Program to study Environmental Engineering. She hopes to become an environmental engineer and travel the world working on engineering projects. “Each country has its own unique problems for environmental engineers to solve, so I hope to learn more about different problems around the world."

Senior Stories: Helen Nguyen

One of our star senior athletes at RHS, Helen walked into every practice with a positive mindset and the intent to get better. In fact, that’s what she is most proud of. “I know I put a lot of dedication into becoming a better athlete despite how hard practice gets.” During her career at RHS, she has been involved with tennis, cross country, nordic skiing and track, as well as gymnastics.

Senior Stories: Jillian Turner

The future is wide open for Jillian! Her “realistic” goal is to become a high school English teacher. However, she dreams of becoming a writer or an actor, preferably in musical theater. “I’ve had a dream to become an author since elementary school and it has stuck with me ever since.” Even though her dreams of becoming an actor are more recent, she says she would still “drop everything to be on Broadway.”

Senior Stories: Joe Carr

Joe Carr has been a bright spot in our Richfield community for years.  As he graduates this year, he is looking forward to attending Transition Plus at the South Education Center, where he will explore career and other post-secondary options. His dream job is to be a sports play-by-play announcer and if he could meet anyone, it would be Jason Benetti, a Chicago White Sox play-by-play announcer who also has cerebral palsy.

Senior Stories: Riley Herling

Riley comes from a family of Richfield graduates, including her brother and both parents. “They all had great experiences here and loved it.” Her favorite thing about RHS is the wide range of opportunities, as well as the diversity at the school.

Senior Stories: Amara Ramirez

Amara Ramirez is looking forward to attending St. Catherine University this fall and majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics. "My dream job is to become a diabetes care and education specialist," she said.

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