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Senior Stories: Ashley Lucero Gomez

Senior Stories: Ashley Lucero Gomez

“She is such an independent, focused student,” said Social Worker Jill Carlton. “She has done so much and made such an impact on Richfield High School with all of her hard work!” 

Ashley’s teacher, Jenni Sjosten, also had this to say: “She immigrated here from Ecuador during the pandemic and was instantly dedicated and engaged in her academics and the RHS community. She is the first person in her family to go to college and has taken the initiative in every way to make her dreams come true. She is truly an inspiration!”

Ashley Lucero Gomez plans to attend the University of St. Thomas and pursue a degree in Psychology and Social Work. “My goal has always been to put to work what my parents have shown me, which is to help those most in need,” she explained. 

When asked about her proudest achievement, Ashley said, "I am so proud of everything I have accomplished, of never giving up no matter how hard things get, and of taking on challenges I never thought I would." She talked about the difficulties of learning English, but refuses to use it as an excuse, and always tries to give her best.

"My favorite part of school is gaining knowledge in my classes and doing projects since I really like to put my creativity to work," said Ashley. She also enjoys spending time with her friends and creating memories together.

Ashley said that CIS: Physics by Inquiry is her favorite class. “It wasn’t the easiest, but I like science and I admire it a lot,” said Ashley. “It’s also the class where I feel like I gained the most knowledge that I will use in my future.” Ashley also spoke highly of the teacher, Dr. Kersten, who ensures that learning is accessible, enjoyable and enriching for all the students in the class.

When reflecting on the teachers who have made a profound impact on her, she couldn’t choose just one. However, she mentioned Ms. Sjosten and Ms. Andrews as two individuals who have been by her side since her arrival at RHS. Their unwavering belief in her and their support during the most challenging times helped her immensely. “They always gave me advice and reminded me that I will go far and that nothing can prevent me from achieving my goals,” she said. “I will always be grateful to them with all my heart for the great support and love that they have given me these three and a half years since I came to RHS.” Additionally, Ashley expressed her gratitude to Ms. Carlton, who has provided guidance and listened when she needed advice.”Thank you all very much!” she said. “I will always carry them in my heart!”

Her advice to freshmen is: “Always try to experience new things regardless of fear. Believe me, you will not regret it. Also, don’t neglect your studies or leave everything to the last minute. I know that four years sounds like a long time, but time goes by faster than expected. Remember, the best tool for success is knowledge and that comes from studying and putting effort in your classes. Take advantage of each opportunity presented and take all the challenges, as they will be a new experience with new knowledge. Lastly, enjoy your time at RHS as these times will never return. RHS makes you feel at home and so welcome! The teachers, the staff and the students are the best community I have ever met. Enjoy and have fun!!!”


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