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Indian Education

Hoop dancer performs for students


Our Indian Education program provides services and support for Indigenous students and families in Richfield Public Schools. We work to improve and support Indigenous student achievement and graduation rates through academically rigorous and culturally responsive instruction, collaborative partnerships, and family and student engagement. Here is a snapshot of activities that have taken place through our Indian Education program, specifically supporting our Indigenous families:

Classroom Support

  • Culturally relevant books for all of our school media centers, supporting and validating Native heritage
  • Professional development opportunities for RPS staff, to build cultural competency and knowledge of Native culture
  • Classroom presentations for teachers to assist with culturally-appropriate education
  • Culture trunks provided for teachers to use with lessons, incorporating hands-on activities
  • Curriculum development and collaboration with the directors of elementary and secondary education to ensure culturally appropriate curriculum decisions

Family Support

  • Annual cultural family events, including collaboration with the South of the River Pow Wow
  • Free school supplies for K-12 indigenous families to support learning and education
  • Culturally relevant books for Native students, supporting and validating their heritage
  • Financial assistance for Native students is available for pay-to-ride, Eagle Bluff and other school-sponsored events
  • Support from the American Indian Education Coordinator during meetings with school administration

Student Support

  • Students are connected with services to support their school and personal success
  • Clubs and affinity groups are available for Native students to join
  • Special college tours and visits for Native students
  • ACT books and are provided to juniors to help them prepare for the college application process
  • Graduation stoles for Native graduates

2021-22 Program Goals

Student Academic Goals

  • 100% of American Indian high school students will graduate in 2022.
  • 50% of American Indian high school students will take one or more Advanced Placement (AP), College in the Schools (CIS) or Honors course during the school year.
  • 50% of American Indian high school students in grade 11 will take the ACT exam.
  • 50% of American Indian kindergarten students will reach grade level proficiently on the spring MAP reading assessment.
  • 50% of American Indian third grade students will reach grade level proficiently on the spring MCA reading assessment.
  • 50% of American Indian eighth grade students will reach grade level proficiently on the spring MCA reading assessment. 

Program Goals

  • The American Indian Education Coordinator will collaborate with elementary and secondary directors to ensure curriculum provided to schools is meeting the needs, interests and cultural heritage of American Indian students.  
  • The American Indian Education Coordinator will present to at least 10 classrooms throughout the year on topics pertaining to Native peoples, including culture and history.
  • The American Indian Education Coordinator will attend professional development opportunities and encourage relevant district-level staff to attend professional development opportunities pertaining to American Indian Education.
  • American Indian students will see themselves represented in school curriculum, media and family cultural events offered by RPS American Indian Education in order to positively reinforce the self-image of American Indian students.
  • 50% of American Indian students will attend at least one RPS American Indian Education cultural family event. 
  • American Indian students will receive the same opportunities and experiences that are offered to all RPS students by removing any cost related barriers that may prevent families from otherwise participating. 

Resources for Native Families

A student shows off artwork
Two students pose with books by and about Native Americans
Student and adult pose in front of Native American Heritage Month display
Students pose for a photo with a hoop dancer
Indian Ed Coordinator poses with three students in traditional native outfits
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