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Be A Substitute Teacher

Work That Matters

Working as a substitute teacher is a rewarding and flexible career in education. You are able to set your own schedule, gain valuable classroom experience, get paid for your knowledge and experience and choose your own schedule. 

Why Work as a Substitute Teacher?

  • Make a difference. Substitute teachers at Richfield Public Schools have the opportunity to make a real, tangible difference in the lives of students. 
  • Choose your own adventure. You get to pick and choose the grade levels and subject matter that suit you best as a substitute teacher. This allows you to experience a variety of different schools and educational cultures, new colleagues and students, and maybe even learn a new thing or two!
  • Advance your career. Reaching out to other teachers you meet along the way for support, advice and guidance can be a great way to expand your skills. Additionally, you will gain experience being inside the educational system, teaching a variety of subjects and ages and more!

Substitute teachers take the burden off school administrators and other staff members, allowing everyone in the building to continue striving towards equitable and meaningful learning for all students. We couldn't get by without them. 


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We are committed to viewing and analyzing all of our work through a racial and cultural equity lens so that each individual can learn, grow and excel. We will partner with families and the community to better identify and eliminate barriers that can interfere with each individual's opportunity to excel.


Richfield Public Schools provides engaging and rigorous educational opportunities for all of our students through our academic programs. We are driven to meet the needs of our students today and in the future by offering relevant and engaging instruction that prepares students well, not only for career and college readiness but for lifelong success.

We are a Top Workplace

Richfield Public Schools staff voted, and RPS was named one of the 2021 Star Tribune Top Workplaces! Our employees make our District special. We’re great because they’re great! 


Get away from a stuffy desk job—enter a career in schools! Schools are bursting with vibrancy, creativity and youthful energy. Engaging with children and helping them learn will reignite your own passion for learning, all while making a huge difference in the education of a variety of students.