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Student Teaching in Richfield Public Schools

RPS employees with signs that read: Let your adventure begin at Richfield Public Schools


At Richfield Public Schools, we inspire and empower each individual to learn, grow and excel. We provide a world-class education in a community with a small-town feel. Our district serves approximately 4,200 students. We are located just south of Minneapolis and border Edina and Bloomington. 

We partner with local colleges and universities to provide a variety of student teaching opportunities and field experience hours. We believe that these experiences provide you with important real-world insight into the field of education.  On behalf of the entire district, we wish you a successful student teaching experience with us!


We are committed to viewing and analyzing all of our work through a racial and cultural equity lens so that each individual can learn, grow and excel. We will partner with families and the community to better identify and eliminate barriers that can interfere with each individual's opportunity to excel.


Richfield Public Schools provides engaging and rigorous educational opportunities for all of our students through our academic programs. We are driven to meet the needs of our students today and in the future by offering relevant and engaging instruction that prepares students well, not only for career and college readiness but for lifelong success.

We are a Top Workplace

Richfield Public Schools staff voted, and RPS was named one of the 2021 Star Tribune Top Workplaces! Our employees make our District special. We’re great because they’re great! 


Get away from a stuffy desk job—enter a career in schools! Schools are bursting with vibrancy, creativity and youthful energy. Engaging with children and helping them learn will reignite your own passion for learning, all while making a huge difference in the education of a variety of students.

Student Teacher/Field Experience Process

  2. The College Coordinator/Student submits a Placement Request Form for each student interested in being placed in Richfield Public Schools.

  3. We match your placement request with our cooperating teachers.
  4. Building principals review/approve student teacher placements.
  5. The College Coordinator, cooperating teacher and College Student are informed of placement and necessary next steps via email.

Student Teaching v.s. Field Experience

Student Teaching takes place in the last semester or year of a four year degree for teaching. This placement requires a background check as the college student/student teacher will have scaffolded support to be teaching independently.

Field Experience hours are when a teacher is seeking time in a classroom setting. This may be to observe students, observe teachers/subjects and/or to help students learning a specific subject. These placements are under the direct supervision of a cooperating teacher.


Involved Parties

  • Student Teacher
    • Student who has completed at least 2 years of a teacher preparation program approved by the RPS board
  • Cooperating Teacher*
    • Licensed employee in the assigned field with the following criteria:
      • At least three years of teaching experience or Principal approval
      • Evidence of effective teaching
      • Evidence of effective professionalism
  • Building Principal/Designee
    • Principal or Designee who approves the placement of the student teacher and cooperating teacher
  • District Coordinator
    • Coordinates and tracks placement requests
  • Institute of Higher Education (IHE) Coordinator
    • Completes interest form on behalf of Student Teachers, ensures completion of necessary paperwork for student teaching placement

*Cooperating teachers for field experience placements do not need to meet all criteria and are subject to principal approval

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