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National Service

RPS employees with signs that read: Let your adventure begin at Richfield Public Schools


We are proud to host a variety of AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps VISTA service roles in our District. Studies have shown that AmeriCorps programs in schools improve outcomes in school readiness, attendance, behavior, reading and math scores, and provide students with increased access to college and careers (source: AmeriCorps Education Fact Sheet). Through serving, AmeriCorps members gain relevant experience in the education field and are eligible for an education award to pay for college, trade school or to help repay student loans. Richfield Public Schools is an excellent place to fulfill your AmeriCorps year of service! At Richfield Public Schools:

We believe:

  • in inspiring our students to grow, adapt and discover their place in the world.
  • all children have a right to quality education, high standards, rigorous curriculum and powerful instruction.
  • in providing instruction that supports the different ways people learn.
  • that valuing our diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives fosters unity and empowers all.
  • the collective efforts of students, home, school and community form the foundations for excellence.
  • that core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility will be modeled, taught and nurtured.
  • it is everyone's responsibility to provide a safe, supportive and engaging environment.

We will:

  • provide a high-quality, competitive educational program.
  • accelerate achievement for ALL students.
  • engage family and community members as partners.
  • ensure an environment where ALL belong.

AmeriCorps VISTA Program - Richfield High School

As our Restorative Practices VISTA member, you will:

  • Collaborate to design RP-focused professional development for staff.
  • Support students and staff in direct implementation of pro-social community building and academic circles and adoption and implementation of problem-solving and repair of harm circles.
  • Collaboratively create and support systems that allow restorative practices to be implemented throughout the school.
  • Offer feedback and thoughts on the process via continuous surveys of staff and students.


AmeriCorps Promise Fellow Program - Richfield High School

The role of an AmeriCorps Promise Fellow is to support a specific group of about 30 identified students. The Promise Fellow forms relationships with these students and helps them access caring adults, service opportunities and out-of-school activities. This proactive approach has been proven to improve outcomes for students who show early warning signs of school disengagement. 


Reading Corps and Math Corps at Richfield STEM Elementary

Richfield STEM Elementary School is seeking three Reading Corps members and two Math Corps members. Reading Corps members use evidence-based strategies to support students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade in reading and pre-reading skills. Math Corps members tutor 4th and 5th grade students one-on-one or in small groups to build their skills and confidence in math. Members will receive specific training and ongoing support and be integrated into the elementary school community.