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Graduation Requirements

Temporary Change to Graduation Requirements

This change has been established due to the COVID-19 pandemic and associated disruptions to schooling caused by legally required transitions to distance learning and hybrid learning models. The COVID-19 pandemic and associated disruptions to schooling have created an environment that may be less conducive to educational success for students, such that graduation requirements that are significantly above and beyond those established by the Minnesota Department of Education may no longer be appropriate at this time.

Beginning with graduation year 2021 and ending with graduation year 2024, students will be required to complete only 11 semesters of elective credits and a total of only 44 credits to graduate. This temporarily supersedes the required number of electives and total credits listed in section IV. All other graduation requirements will still apply.

Richfield High School seniors celebrate graduation during commencement ceremony

Graduation Requirements

Students must earn 49 credits in grades 9-12 with a distribution of coursework that meets the standards established by the Richfield Board of Education and which meets Minnesota state standards. These credits include:

  • 8 English credits
  • 8 social studies credits
  • 6 science credits, which include credit in physical science, life science and earth and space science
  • 6 math credits
  • 2 fine art credits
  • 1 health credit
  • 2 physical education credits
  • 16 elective credits

Community Service Requirement For Graduation

To qualify for a diploma, all senior students must complete 15 hours of community service.

Community service is a way for Richfield High School students to give back to the community by donating their time and effort without payment (e.g. mowing lawns, volunteering at charitable organizations or serving as a student aide).  Service hours may be performed for just about any person or organization; however, because of legal concerns, teaching one's religion (such as Sunday school) cannot be used for community service hours. Students can begin accumulating their community service hours the summer after their junior year.

Special recognition is given to students who have completed 100 or more hours of community service. Community service verification forms are available in the main office and the guidance office. Students should turn in completed forms to the main office.

Credit Recovery Programs

Students who are behind in credits can make up credits through the following programs. Students should meet with their counselor for a confirmation form in order to enroll in these programs.

  • Extended Year Program (summer school) at RHS
  • Thursday school—at RHS after school        
  • Credit Recovery (CR REC) day program at RHS 
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