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English Learners

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Our districtwide English Learner (EL) program prepares our English learning students to be successful academically, as well as in life.  


When you enroll your child in Richfield Public Schools, you will be asked to complete the Minnesota Language Survey. If you select a language other than English, then our staff will reach out to you to schedule a language assessment for your child. If it is determined that your child will need English language services, you will be notified and our staff will work on classroom placement.

Exiting the Program

Students are automatically exited from EL service when they score a 4.5 or above on the ACCESS assessment and all four domains (listening, speaking, reading and writing) are at or above a 3.5.

If a student scores a 4.5 or higher on the ACCESS assessment but only meets the benchmark on three of the four domains, staff may consider other criteria to determine if the student still needs EL services, including special education status (do they have an IEP or 504 plan?) and whether or not the student is performing at a similar level as their peers. 

When a student is exited from EL services, the family is notified and a letter is sent home from their school. 


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