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Dual Language Immersion

RDLS student


 Dual language immersion is not the same as a Spanish immersion program, where all instruction is delivered solely in Spanish. Our Dual Language Immersion (DLI) program provides both native English speakers and native Spanish speakers with academic instruction in two languages from pre-kindergarten through graduation. 

The DLI program starts in elementary school at Richfield Dual Language School (RDLS) and continues through Richfield Middle School and Richfield High School. It is also possible for students who did not start at RDLS or another Spanish immersion school to enroll in our DLI program at a later grade. They will need to take an assessment to show their Spanish reading and writing skills, and if they pass, they will be added to DLI. Many students do this every year and some of them have never attended school in Spanish before.

Benefits of Dual Language Immersion

  • DLI programs foster enhanced awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity.
  • Students learn both languages simultaneously from one another, both socially and academically.

In the News

DLI Course Changes for Grades 9-12 (starting in 2022-23)

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