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744.1 Guideline: Activities Transportation

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744.1 Guideline: Activities Transportation


These administrative guidelines are to facilitate activities transportation services; this includes but is not limited to athletics, school sponsored clubs, and theater, pursuant to Board Policy 744.


School district employees may undertake independent arrangement, scheduling or coordination of transportation for activities only when specifically directed or approved by the activities director.  School district employees will notify the activities director of all transportation arrangements made.


Transportation shall be furnished through a commercial carrier or school-owned vehicle.  All vehicles used to transport students shall be properly registered and insured.  In the event a private vehicle is approved for use, a certificate of insurance must be on file in the school district office.

 In the event of an emergency or other unforeseeable circumstances, employees are authorized to make appropriate transportation arrangements for students as necessary.  Employees may transport students in non-emergency circumstances when approved by the transportation department.  The employee shall report the relevant facts and circumstances to the administration.

Employees may transport students on approved trips in rental vehicles.  All employees driving students need to complete the school’s van training prior to transporting students.


Rules of conduct and student discipline shall apply to all student transportation.

In the event a student desires to return home from an event with a parent or other adult, a letter of permission, signed by the student’s parent or guardian, must be presented to the activities office prior to the event. The letter of permission is appended to this document. In the case of a family or medical emergency at an away event, parents may transport their student or make arrangements to have their student transported. Circumstances of the emergency and the transportation arrangements will be reported to the activities director as soon as possible.

A. The transportation cost to participate in activities or attend an event shall be the personal responsibility of the student.

B. Transportation to scheduled practices shall be the personal responsibility of the student.

C. Transportation shall be provided to competitions within a 70 mile radius of Richfield High School.

D.  Transportation to scrimmages and competitions outside of a 70 mile radius of Richfield High School requires prior approval by the activities director.

E. Buses shall be scheduled whenever possible in such a manner to reduce the number of buses used. Groups shall share transportation when having common destinations and may be expected to wait for the completion of each other’s events beforE the return trip.

F. A coach style bus is recommended for travel outside the districts 70 mile radius transportation limit.

G. Coaches and activity advisors are encouraged to use a school van when transporting small groups. 26

H. The transportation department is encouraged to contract for transportation service to accommodate trips beyond the district’s capacity.


The transportation department will charge the user group the established cost per mile for the use of a van or school bus plus the labor cost when a licensed school bus driver is required.

Dated:  April 15, 2002

Reviewed: March 19, 2007

Revised:  May 20, 2019