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743 Policy: Pay-to-Ride Service

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743 Policy: Pay-to-Ride Service

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This policy pertains to pay-to-ride transportation service provided during the regular school year when the public school is in session.  Separate transportation arrangements may be provided for programs offered outside the regular school year.


Richfield Public Schools may provide transportation to students not eligible for regular to and from school transportation in accordance with Minnesota Statute 123B.36 that authorizes charging a fee for service. 

Pay-to-ride service eligibility shall be determined by District administration based upon sufficient time and space availability for servicing non-eligible students on transportation equipment it would normally have in use on the average school day.  However, additional buses may be placed into operation to service pay-to-ride students when there are sufficient applicants to cover the added cost. 

In general, bus routes shall not be lengthened or otherwise altered to accommodate pay-to-ride students.  Students may have to walk up to three quarters of a mile to access the bus ride.

The superintendent is directed to develop the necessary procedures with a fee schedule that shall provide a discount for the servicing of students who have qualified for free or reduced price meals according to federal child nutrition programs income eligibility guidelines. The procedure shall provide for a family cap that will charge the pay-to-ride fee to no more than two students per family.


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Cross References:

Board Policy 653: Field Trips

Board Policy 541: Student Behavior

Board Policy 742: Student Transportation

Board Policy 744: Activities Transportation



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