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653.1 Guideline: Field Trip Fees and Transportation

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653.1 Guideline: Field Trip Fees and Transportation

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These administrative guidelines are intended to facilitate transportation and the collection of fees for student field trips, pursuant to Board Policy 653. 


A. A fee may be charged for “supplemental” field trips occurring during the school day, but must not exceed the total cost of transportation. A supplemental field trip does not require participation as part of the curriculum.

1. Fees collected by the schools for supplemental trips shall be deposited into the revenue account using the “Report of Miscellaneous Receipts” form.

2. The business office will credit the school’s account in the amount of the fees collected.

3. Students will be allowed to participate in supplemental field trips regardless of ability to pay fees.

B. An “instructional” field trip is an event where participation is required as part of the curriculum and is not subject to a fee.  

C. A fee as determined by the transportation department and invoiced by the business office will be charged for extended trips to cover the actual cost of transportation.     


A. Arrangements for ground transportation shall be made through the transportation department. Richfield Public Schools employees shall undertake independent arrangement, scheduling or coordination of transportation for activities only when specifically directed or approved by the transportation department.  District employees shall notify a building administrator of all transportation arrangements made.

B. Transportation shall typically be furnished through a commercial carrier or school-owned vehicle. All vehicles used to transport students shall be properly registered and insured.  In the event a private vehicle is approved for use, a certificate of insurance must be on file in the school district office. 

C. In the event of emergencies or other unforeseeable circumstances, employees are authorized to make appropriate transportation arrangements for students as necessary.  Employees may transport students in non-emergency circumstances only when approved by the school administration. The employee shall report the relevant facts and circumstances to the administration. 


Dated: April 15, 2002

Reviewed: November 20, 2017

Revised: December 7, 2004, July 17, 2006, November 20, 2017; July 17, 2023