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651 Policy: Athletic and Activity Program

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651 Policy: Athletic and Activity Program

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The mission of the Richfield Public Schools extra-curricular program is to promote healthy youth development through programs that encourage participation, healthy life styles, development of positive attitudes and skills, and a sense of accomplishment.


A. Consistent with the mission of the extra-curricular program, the Board of Education believes that extra-curricular activities can be a vital educational experience and can contribute to healthy youth development. 

B. The Board of Education recognizes several important purposes for an extra-curricular program that includes athletics and activities: 

1. The program should provide students with the opportunity to have fun, learn through competition, learn to respect other participants, and to abide by the rules of the activity. 

2. It should provide students and the community an opportunity to develop pride in themselves and their schools. 

3. It should aid students in managing time and priorities in order to enjoy leisure-time activities while promoting refinement and expansion of skills. 

4. It should promote and develop the physical, mental and psychological attributes of participants.

5. Finally, the program should develop the self-concept, self-discipline, cooperative spirit, leadership potential,   citizenship, and character of the participants.


A. The school athletic and activities program must build on students' desire for participation in athletics and activities. Since each person is unique, it is essential that learners be provided an environment with options and alternatives that reflect student interests. 

B. Extra-curricular experiences must:

1. Help students to maintain and build understandings, skills and attitudes that contribute to their successful   participation; and

2. Nurture self-respect, interests, enthusiasm, physical development, motivation and capacity for enjoyment.

C. The extra-curricular program shall be reviewed and evaluated on a periodic basis and coaches shall be evaluated annually.  The review and evaluation process for the program and coaches shall include opportunities for feedback from parents and students.


Participation in the extra-curricular program is a privilege.  A student can earn and maintain that privilege by adhering to Minnesota State High School League and school district requirements, as outlined in Administrative Guidelines 651.1. Failure to meet MSHSL and / or local expectations may result in suspension or revocation of participation privileges.


A. Administrators and staff designated by the superintendent to administer the athletics and activities programs, along with the coaches and activity advisors, are primarily responsible for attaining extra-curricular program goals and maintaining program standards. Therefore, these individuals should view themselves as teachers and as role models in the areas of character, behavior and leadership. 

B. The Superintendent is authorized to develop administrative guidelines to facilitate implementation of this policy. 

C. The policy and administrative guidelines shall be included in a Coaches/Advisors Handbook, which shall be revised regularly.


The Board recognizes that student interest in athletics and activities participation changes over time and that offerings available to students must change in response. In addition, the School Board supports the goal of gender equity in athletics and activities programs. Therefore, the School Board charges the Activities Director with the development and implementation of a process to regularly survey student interest regarding offerings.  The superintendent is responsible for the implementation of a process for considering the addition and deletion of athletics and activities.

A. Secondary students will be surveyed at least every other year to determine interest in athletics and activities offerings. The information collected through student surveys will be used to identify potential additions or deletions to offerings.  Students also may initiate consideration of program changes through petitions directed to the school principal demonstrating substantial student interest in a particular athletic or activity offering.

B. Potential athletic or activity offering additions will be considered on the following criteria. It is not required that all criteria are met for a new offering to be approved:

1. It will address a gender imbalance in athletic offerings.

2. It will address a gender imbalance in participation rates.

3. There is sufficient interest and ability to sustain a viable program.

4. There is a reasonable expectation of competition and/or participation.

5. The activity is sponsored by the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) or there is a reasonable expectation that it soon will be.

6. Appropriate facilities and coaching/supervision are available, or can be provided to accommodate the program.

Athletic or activity programs may be considered for deletion when any of the above criteria no longer are satisfied.

C. Potential athletics and activities program changes will be reviewed initially by the Activities Director and appropriate school principal in light of the above criteria. The Activities Director will obtain feedback from the District Activities Advisory Committee related to any potential program changes. The building principal is responsible for forwarding the requests to the superintendent with a recommendation. The superintendent, in turn, will review the request and forward it with a recommendation and supporting data to the School Board for action. Athletics and activities offerings considered for deletion also will be presented to the School Board with a recommendation and supporting rationale for Board consideration and action.

D. The addition and deletion of levels of competition within an activity will be governed by the number of participants and budget considerations.  Where the number of participants justifies two or more levels of competition at least one assistant coach/advisor will be provided for each of the levels below varsity. Activities where specific coaching/advising specialties are required may be allocated additional assistant coaches/advisors.


Legal Reference:

20 U.S.C. § 1681 et seq. (Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972)



REVISED BY THE BOARD OF EDUCATION: June 18, 1990; December 17, 1990; February 1, 1999; September 7, 2004; May 17, 2021