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651.2 Guideline: School Activity Fees

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651.2 Guideline: School Activity Fees


It is the policy of the State of Minnesota that public school education shall be free and no pupil shall be denied an education.  Minnesota State Statute 123B.36 also recognizes that school boards may establish fees to support certain student activities.  These administrative guidelines delineate school activity fees, pursuant to Board Policy 651.


A. Minnesota State High School League Activities

Participants in Interscholastic athletics and fine arts activities governed by the Minnesota State High School League will be charged a fee. 

B. Other Fees

1. A program fee of $35/student shall be charged for participation in the summer school programs by grade level (grades K-10) where funding is not provided by the state.

2. Additional fees as listed in the attached schedule.


A. Fee Waiver

The student of a parent / guardian applying and qualifying for the Free or Reduced Lunch Program and providing the verification of income shall be eligible for a reduced fee.

1. A student who qualifies for a reduced price lunch will receive a 25% discount.

2. A student who qualifies for a free lunch will receive a 50% discount.

3. A full waiver may be allowed for students qualifying for the discount noted above at the discretion of the Activities Director upon consideration of extenuating circumstances.

The homeless student as defined in Section 103(a) (1) (2) of P.L. 100-77 participating in an activity under this guideline shall have their fee paid by the Parent Teacher Organization (P.T.O.), Title I funds, other donations, or the fee will be waived.

B. Third Season Free

Students participating in all three seasons will pay no fee to participate in the third season. This special rate is exclusive of the established late registration fee.


Legal References:       

Minn. Stat. § 123B.36 (Authorized Fees)

Minn. Stat. § 123B.37 (Prohibited Fees)


Cross References:      

Board Policy 651 (Athletic and Activity Program)



Dated: April 19, 1999

Reviewed: April 6, 2009, May 3, 2010, May 21, 2012, June 17, 2014

Revised: June 19, 2000; May 21, 2001; June 19, 2001; April 15, 2002; July 21, 2003; April 5, 2004, May 2, 2005, July 11, 2005; May 15, 2006; August 21, 2006; March 5, 2007, April 7, 2008, May 2, 2011, May 20, 2013, September 3, 2013, June 22, 2015, October 5, 2015; January 3, 2022