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651.1 Guideline: Athletics and Activities

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651.1 Guideline: Athletics and Activities

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The purpose of these administrative guidelines is to guide implementation of Board Policy 651: Athletic and Activity Program. 


A. In order to participate in athletics or activities governed by the Minnesota State High School League, a student must meet all of the eligibility requirements as defined in Sections 100 and 200 of the Minnesota State High School League Bylaws. 

B. In addition, a student must be on track toward graduation according to the MSHSL guidelines to participate in MSHSL athletics. Student participation in activities not governed by MSHSL will be allowed without course credit earning restrictions.


A. A review and evaluation of the extra-curricular program shall be conducted in conjunction with the rotational review of Board Policy 651 and administrative guidelines 651.1.

B. The review process shall include opportunities for participation and formal written input from students and parents.

C. The Coaches / Advisors Handbook shall be revised to reflect changes in the extra-curricular program, policies and guidelines resulting from the program review and evaluation.


A formal evaluation shall be completed at the end of the athletic season or activity, and shall include the following components:

A. The head coach or activity supervisor will submit a report to the Activities Director that includes information pertaining to student participation, accomplishments in relation to goals, an evaluation of assistant coaches / activity supervisors, and suggestions for program improvement. 

B. The Activities Director will complete a written evaluation of the head coach / activity supervisor, based on multiple sources of information, including the report referenced in III.A above, observation records, and feedback from students, parents, and others familiar with the program or activity.

C. The Activities Director shall include all necessary forms for evaluation and reporting in the Coaches / Advisors Handbook.


A. The Activities Director is expected to provide relevant information about the interscholastic athletic and activity program to coaches and activity supervisors, students, parents, and the public. 

B. The Superintendent authorizes the Activities Director and coaches to develop a statement of philosophy and beliefs, provided that the statement is aligned with Board Policy 651.

C. Feedback and ideas from parents, students, and interested community members will be obtained in conjunction with the extra-curricular program review described in Section I above, with opportunities for additional feedback via student surveys, written correspondence, telephone calls and conferences.


Dated:  September 7, 2004

Reviewed: July 15, 2013

Revised: May 17, 2021


Reference:  Minnesota State High School League Official Handbook