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547.1 Guideline: Richfield Dual Language School Uniform Dress

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547.1 Guideline: Richfield Dual Language School Uniform Dress


A. At the Richfield Dual Language School, we seek to create the best learning environment for all students and believe that a safe and disciplined learning environment is the first requirement of an effective school.  In order to promote school pride, unity, discipline, and civility, students are encouraged to wear the school uniform.

B. Consistent with Section III.A of Board Policy 547 (Student Dress and Appearance), the uniform dress guidelines for RDLS reflect involvement of the school community, take into consideration the financial ability of students to purchase uniforms, and allow for exemption upon parent request. 

C. This administrative guideline applies at all times on the school campus, on buses, on field trips and other school-sponsored activities.  Students are expected to remain in uniform all day, including after school while remaining on campus.


The potential benefits of a uniform policy include:

i. Putting the focus on academics rather than fashion;

ii. Lowering the cost of school clothes;

iii. Ensuring a safe school environment by preventing students from wearing inappropriate insignias;

iv. Helping students to differentiate between a learning environment and a play environment;

v. Instilling a sense of school pride and discipline.


A. Parents wishing to exempt their student from the uniform dress guidelines may opt-out by completing the attached Application for Exemption form. The exemption is effective upon review by the building principal.  An exemption is valid only for the current school year and must be renewed at the beginning of each school year. 

B. Groups officially sanctioned by the school or district, may wear their uniforms in place of the school uniform.

C. Students may wear school shirts of any type sold by the school in place of the school uniform.  


A. The colors for RDLS are: burgundy, white, gray, khaki, and black.

B. Students may choose from among the following uniform dress options:


  • White, Black, Burgundy, khaki, or Gray Polo Shirt, Short or Long Sleeve
  • White, Black, Burgundy, khaki or Gray Dress Shirt, Short or Long Sleeve


  • Khaki, Black or Gray Pants
  • Khaki, Black or Gray Bermuda Shorts
  • Khaki, Black or Gray Skorts
  • Burgundy-Plaid V-Neck Pleated Jumper (Burgundy-plaid v-neck pleated jumpers corresponding to the sample provided)
  • Black, Khaki or Burgundy-Plaid Pleated Skirt (Burgundy-plaid pleated skirts corresponding to the sample provided)
  • Black, Khaki or Burgundy-Plaid Skort (Burgundy-plaid skorts corresponding to the sample provided)
  • Khaki, Black or Gray Pants, Flat Front or Pleated
  • Khaki, Black or Gray Walk Shorts


  • Black


  • Burgundy or Black V-Neck Unisex Sweater Vest w/ School Logo
  • Burgundy or Black Blue Zip Front Sweater w/ School Logo


  • Athletic or Black Dress Shoes (No Sandals or Open-toed Shoes)


  • Hats or caps may not be worn during the school day in the school.
  • Any hair accessories must be unobtrusive.