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101.1 Policy: The 2015-2020 Strategic Plan

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Richfield Public Schools Strategic Plan Summary 2015-20


Richfield Public Schools inspires and empowers each individual to learn, grow and excel.

We believe:

  • in inspiring our students to grow, adapt and discover their place in the world
  • all children have a right to a quality education, high standards, rigorous curriculum and powerful instruction
  • in providing instruction that supports the different ways people learn
  • that valuing our diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives fosters unity and empowers all
  • the collective efforts of students, home, school and community form the foundation for excellence
  • that core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility will be modeled, taught and nurtured
  • it is everyone’s responsibility to provide a safe, supportive and engaging environment


  • Provide a high quality, competitive educational system
  • Accelerate achievement for ALL students
  • Engage family and community members as partners
  • Ensure an environment where ALL belong


1. We will provide challenging, relevant and engaging educational opportunities for all students that will increase learning.

  • Align pre-kindergarten through grade 12 curriculum and high school  graduation requirements with the requirements for success in the 21st century’s
  •  World’s Best Workforce.
  • Develop grade-level benchmarks to measure student progress toward achievement of strategic plan learning goals.
  • Provide multiple, supported college and career pathways for high  school students.
  • Expand preparation for and access to college-level coursework and workplace certifications while in high school.
  • Provide a rigorous, standards-based learning environment.
  • Provide and expand early childhood academic opportunities to increase school readiness.
  • Develop and implement K-12 digital & media curriculum.
  • Implement standard technology resources K-12.

2. We will positively promote Richfield Public Schools.

  • Create and expand outreach and marketing efforts to attract new students.
  • Implement specific efforts to retain current students.
  • Communicate about and market Richfield Public Schools by sharing our success and having a clear and refined brand.
  • Remove barriers to communication for all Richfield families and citizens.
  • Implement an easy way to navigate websites.

3. We will provide a welcoming, healthy, supportive, safe and caring environment.

  • Create a school environment that represents and respects our diverse community.
  • Promote the core values of respect, honesty, caring and responsibility throughout the Richfield Public Schools.
  • Improve the transition of students and families into and between our schools.
  • Review, evaluate and improve school security initiatives and crisis intervention programs.
  • Promote healthy lifestyles through education, physical activity and nutrition initiatives.
  • Provide learning opportunities for parents and guardians to develop technology literacy skills.
  • Provide support opportunities for families with limited technology access.

4. We will acquire and align human, financial, operational and technology resources to maximize organizational goals.

  • Implement a comprehensive recruitment and selection process that increases organizational effectiveness.
  • Ensure aligned professional growth opportunities for all staff to achieve individual and organizational success.
  • Ensure district buildings are welcoming and support an effective learning environment while promoting efficient conservation strategies.
  • Ensure operational department staff (food nutrition, transportation, buildings and grounds, community education and district office) are welcoming and support an effective learning environment while promoting efficient conservation strategies.
  • Promote a transparent budgeting and staffing process aligned with district goals.
  • Foster a collaborative work environment that actively engages staff to meet the organizational goals.
  • Provide increased mobile device access for students.
  • Provide increased mobile device access for staff.
  • Continue to evaluate emerging needs of the district and pursue opportunities for additional resources.
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