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101.1 Guideline: The 2021-2026 Strategic Plan

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101.1 Guideline: The 2021-2026 Strategic Plan


The 2021-26 strategic plan, Richfield Realized, is our roadmap for ensuring Richfield Public Schools is a vibrant, engaging school district where we inspire and empower every student and staff member to learn, grow and excel in an equitable environment. Through this strategic plan, we will realize our goals and dreams together with our students, staff and community.

Academic Vision

Students will receive a challenging, engaging and relevant academic experience in Richfield Public Schools which will prepare them for college, career and life. 

Academic Belief Statement

All students are capable of achieving their dreams with the right educational foundation.

Academic Goals

  • We will address the educational debt owed to marginalized communities to ensure equitable outcomes for all students. 
  • We will maintain small class sizes to ensure ideal student to staff ratios according to grade level and subject area.
  • We will increase course offerings to expand opportunities for students. 
  • We will continue to support, promote and value biliteracy.
  • We will ensure all students learn about post-secondary options to set them up for success in their futures.

Climate & Culture Vision

All students, families, staff and community members will share a sense of ownership, pride and belonging to Richfield Public Schools, where they will be part of a warm, welcoming and respectful environment that celebrates each and every individual. 

Climate & Culture Belief Statement

By truly listening to, valuing and celebrating every member of our educational community, we can ensure our schools and programs provide a safe and supportive environment for learning, playing and working. 

Climate & Culture Goals

  • We will ensure students are seen, valued, heard and respected to maintain a healthy school and District climate.
  • We will increase student support, especially social-emotional support to care for the needs of the RPS community.
  • We will support and celebrate diversity to provide a welcoming environment.
  • We will improve school pride to increase student enjoyment of and dedication to their education.
  • We will provide new opportunities for parent involvement to strengthen connections between home and school. 
  • We will provide new opportunities for community involvement to strengthen connections between the Richfield community and school.

Activities Vision

Students will develop life skills, friendships and a sense of belonging through active participation in a variety of extracurricular activities at all grade levels. Activities will be inclusive, providing access, opportunity and a welcoming environment for all students. 

Activities Belief Statement

Extracurricular activities are an asset to our entire school community, enhancing all aspects of school life and ensuring a well-rounded educational experience for students. 

Activities Goals

  • We will provide more variety of activity programs to cater to the needs and interests of all students.
  • We will increase student participation in activity programs and better align the demographics of participating students with those of the overall student population.
  • We will increase attendance at games and performances to foster a greater sense of community.

Business & Operations Vision

Every person in every role and every department will work together seamlessly to further our mission and vision. 

Business & Operations Belief Statement

Only by working in alignment across all departments can we, as a district, achieve our goals.

Business & Operations Goals

  • We will maintain or improve staff hiring and support.
  • We will continuously improve our facilities to provide a comfortable and functional physical environment.
  • We will ensure environmentally friendly practices are used across the District.
  • We will continue to improve student meals to provide for students’ nutritional needs.
  • We will maintain financial accountability and transparency as part of our responsibility to the community of Richfield.
  • We will continue to invest in technology resources for students, staff and families.
  • We will continue to improve transportation services to provide a welcoming atmosphere and access to opportunities.

Communication & Marketing Vision

Our families, staff and community will view Richfield Public Schools as a trusted first source of school-related information and feel well informed through consistent, high-quality digital and print communications.

Communication & Marketing Belief Statement

By producing consistent, engaging and detailed content, as well as responsible marketing materials, we can engage and educate our audience, resulting in a stronger community. 

Communication & Marketing Goals

  • We will improve family communication to strengthen the partnership between families and schools. 
  • We will support the positive reputation of Richfield Public Schools.
  • We will improve marketing and public relations efforts to increase District enrollment.