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Wood Lake School 1940

A Brief History of Richfield Public Schools

Long before suburban homes were built here, Richfield was characterized by its abundance of rich farmland (hence the name) as the Minneapolis and St. Paul area was beginning to grow. In 1908, Richfield officially became a city by adopting a President/Trustee form of government. However, residents of Richfield held town meetings dating back to May 11, 1858 - the date on which Congress admitted Minnesota into the Union.

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Current Schools

  • Richfield High School
  • Richfield College Experience Program (RCEP) (located in the former Portland Elementary building with Hope Church)
  • Richfield Middle School (formerly West Junior High)
  • Richfield Dual Language School (formerly Elliott Elementary)
  • Richfield STEM Elementary School  (formerly East Junior High and Richfield Intermediate School) 
  • Sheridan Hills Elementary School (formerly Sheridan Elementary but merged with Lincoln Hills when that school closed and was renamed Sheridan Hills)
  • Centennial Elementary School
  • Central Education Center (formerly Central Elementary) 

Former Schools

  • Central Elementary School (now the Central Education Center)
  • East Elementary School 
  • Elliott Elementary School (now Richfield Dual Language School)
  • Lincoln Hills Elementary School 
  • Portland Elementary School 
  • Richfield Intermediate School (now Richfield STEM Elementary)
  • East Junior High (Became Richfield Intermediate and is now Richfield STEM Elementary)
  • West Junior High (Now Richfield Middle School)
  • Spartan Elementary School 
  • Wood Lake Elementary School 


School Histories

A long, long time ago...

Richfield in 1873

Historic map of the Richfield area

This 1873 plat map show a Richfield township prior to the establishment of Edina, West Minneapolis (Hopkins) or St Louis Park. It extended west all the way to present-day Highway 169. On the map above:

  • Schoolhouse #6 at Lyndale and the Minnehaha Creek
  • Schoolhouse #8 at 54th and Chicago Avenue
  • Schoolhouse #88 near Bloomington Avenue and 78th Street
  • Schoolhouse #12 between Wood Lake and Grass Lake on 66th Street

Local School District Map from 1898

Historic Map of Richfield Area School Districts

This 1898 plat map shows the boundaries for all the area school districts at that time (color-coded). 

  • District #6 is also annexed to Minneapolis 1927. Its primary schoolhouse was on the southest corner of 54th and Lyndale Avenue. 
  • District #8 shows its schoolhouse on Portland Avenue just north of 62nd Stteet, which is annexed to Minneapolis 1927.
  • District #12 (labelled "Part of" School District #12 in this map) still reaches into Edina west to France Avenue and beyond in places, ten years after Edina's incorporation as a city.
  • District #109 is fully established with schoolhouse #109 on the northwest corner of 70th Avenue and 28th Street. It was later relocated to the southwest corner of 66th Avenue and 34th Street. 

Thank you to Kenneth Anderson for his research into the early days of Richfield, which was used to create this section. Maps are courtesy of the Univerity of Minnesota's online plat map collection.

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