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COVID-19 Information

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As different as this next school year will be, I am making a commitment to you that we will do absolutely everything within our power to ensure all our students have the quality education they need and deserve–whether they are learning in-person or online, whether they are preschoolers or seniors, whether they are receiving special education services or ELL services. Our mission is that every child learns, grows and excels. I am as dedicated to that mission as ever.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate these uncharted waters. 

Superintendent Steven Unowsky

COVID-19 Updates

This update containd details on the hybrid program, response plan for positive COVID-19 cases and school supply lists.

Policies and Guidelines

Confirmed Cases of COVID-19

Building Cases in the last 14 Days Total SInce 9/18/20
Centennial Elementary 1 5
Central Education Center 0 2
District Office 0 0
Richfield College Experience Program 0 0
Richfield Dual Language School 2 2
Richfield High School 0 0
Richfield Middle School 0 1
Richfield STEM Elementary 1 3
Sheridan Hills Elementary 1 1
South Education Center 0 0

Last updated: 10/30/20
(updated every Friday)

Hennepin County Case Rate

These are the 14-day case rates per 10,000 people for Hennepin County. 

Date Range Case Rate
8/9 - 8/22 19.49
8/16 - 8/29 19.36
8/23 - 9/5 17.06
8/30 - 9/12 15.10
9/6 - 9/19 17.35
9/13 - 9/26 21.61
9/20 - 10/3 23.26
9/27 - 10/10 25.39
10/4 - 10/17 28.88

To view local data for the city of Richfield, please visit the City of Richfield COVID-19 Dashboard.

Case rates determine the recommended school model from the State of Minnesota.

School Model Range (14-day case rate per 10,000 people)
In-person learning for all students 0 to less than 10
Elementary in-person, Middle/high school hybrid 10 to less than 20
Both hybrid 20 to less than 30
Elementary hybrid, Middle/high school distance 30 to less than 50
Both distance 50 or more

Childcare for Tier 1 Essential Employees

If you are a Tier 1 Essential Employee and have a child (or children) in kindergarten-grade 5 (age 12), you might be eligible for childcare under Governor Walz's Executive Order 20-82.

We are offering an instructional support childcare option for students of Tier 1 Essential Workers that will meet during regular school hours on the days your child is not scheduled for in-person instruction. This option allows students to attend school in person every school day if needed. Learn more and register online. If you have additional questions, please call 612-243-3075 or email

Richfield Public Schools

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Central Education Center

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