Policy 953








    1. PURPOSE


    The purpose of this policy is to inform the school community and the general public of the position of the school board on visitors to school buildings and other school property.




    1. The school board and administration encourage interest on the part of parents and community members in school programs and student activities. The school board and administration welcome visits to school buildings and school property by parents and community members provided the visits are consistent with the health, education and safety of students and employees and are conducted within the procedures and requirements established by the school district.


    1. The school board and administration reaffirm their position on the importance of maintaining a school environment that is safe for students and employees and free of activity that may be disruptive to the student learning process or employee working environment. Procedures to support this policy will be developed as an addendum to this policy as outlined in section IV.A.




    1. A student enrolled in a post-secondary enrollment options course may remain at the school site during regular school hours in accordance with established procedures.


    1. A student enrolled in a post-secondary enrollment options course may be provided with reasonable access, during regular school hours, to a computer and other technology resources that the student needs to complete coursework for a post-secondary enrollment course in accordance with established procedures.




    1. The school district administration shall present recommended visitor and post-secondary enrollment options student procedures and requirements to the school board for review and approval. The procedures should reflect input from employees, students and advisory groups, and shall be communicated to the school community and the general public.  Upon approval by the school board, such procedures and requirements shall be an addendum to this policy.


    1. The superintendent shall be responsible for providing coordination that may be needed throughout the process and providing for periodic school board review and approval of the procedures.




    1. An individual, post-secondary enrollment options student, or group may be denied permission to visit a school or school property or such permission may be revoked if the visitor(s) does not comply with the school district procedures and regulations or if the visit is not in the best interest of students, employees or the school district. Procedures to support this policy will be developed as an addendum to this policy as outlined in section IV.A.


    1. Visitors, including post-secondary enrollment options students, are authorized to park vehicles on school property at times and in locations specified in the approved visitor procedures and requirements which are an addendum to this policy or as otherwise specifically authorized by school officials. When unauthorized vehicles of visitors are parked on school property, school officials may:


    1. move the vehicle or require the driver or other person in charge of the vehicle to move it off school district property; or


    1. if unattended, provide for the removal of the vehicle, at the expense of the owner or operator, to the nearest convenient garage or other place of safety off of school property.


    1. An individual, post-secondary enrollment options student, or group who enters school property without complying with the procedures and requirements may be guilty of criminal trespass and thus subject to criminal penalty. Such persons may be detained by the school principal or a person designated by the school principal in a reasonable manner for a reasonable period of time pending the arrival of a police officer.



    Legal References:  Minn. Stat. § 123B.02 (General Powers of Independent School                     Districts)

    Minn. Stat. § 124D.09 (Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program)

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    REVISED BY THE BOARD OF EDUCATION:  November 21,1994, May 21, 2001,                                                                         November 6, 2006, October 16, 2017


    REAFFIRMED BY THE BOARD OF EDUCATION:  February 6, 2006, October 16,                                                                                       2017

953.1 Administrative Guidelines







    These guidelines are intended to assist in the implementation of Board Policy 953, Visitors to School District Buildings and Sites.





    1. Visitors include all people at the school site who are not staff or fully enrolled students.


    1. Visitors are welcome in our schools. For security reasons, all visitors are expected to sign in using each building’s defined entry process including obtaining a visitor's pass.


    1. The visitor's pass, in general is required on school days between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. The principal at each school shall be responsible for establishing the site-specific hours for issuance of visitor passes.


            Passes are not required of:


    1. Persons voting or aiding in the conduct of any official federal, state, county, city or school district election.


    1. Persons attending any scheduled athletic, recreational, cultural, or other school event to which the public is invited.


    1. Salespersons, job applicants, and persons who are making deliveries of materials and supplies previously ordered.


    1. Visitors to the district administration offices outside of school hours.


    1. The school principal may limit visits as to time or purpose or both. Either he/she or the superintendent of schools may revoke the visitation privilege if necessary to assure safety and security of students and staff or to insure the orderly conduct of school programs.


    1. Candidates for elected office may visit schools upon permission of the building principal and superintendent and under time and purpose limitations specified in Section D above.


    1. During a school visit, candidates may provide information and respond to questions, but may not distribute campaign literature or tell students, staff or others in attendance how to vote.
    2. Print material furnished by the candidate must be reviewed and approved for distribution by the building principal prior to distribution, in accordance with expectations and requirements pertaining to content as well as the time, place and manner of distribution, as outlined in Board Policy 980, Distribution of Materials on School Premises by Nonschool Persons.


    1. No person shall violate the terms of the visitor's pass, or remain in the school building under any of the following circumstances:


    1. He/she has been denied permission to visit;
    2. His/her permission has been revoked.
    3. He/she has been directed by the principal or assistant principal to leave the premises.





    If a building administrator feels personally threatened or is concerned about maintaining the safety of the school setting, the administrator is encouraged to seek support and assistance from another administrator, the police / school liaison officer, other public safety personnel, or other responsible adult.





    It is expected that Board policy 953 and these administrative guidelines will be broadly communicated via district and building publications and the district web page.  Each building will also publish in the student handbook specific information regarding visitor procedures for each individual building



    Cross References:      Board Policy 980 - Distribution of Materials on School Premises by Non-School Persons




    Dated:          5-21-01


    Revised:       2-6-06, 11-6-06,  12-4-17