Board Policy 851



    It shall be the policy of the Board of Education that the practice or playing of inherently dangerous activities such as golf and archery or other activities which are hazardous to persons or property shall be prohibited on school grounds.

    The playing of baseball shall be restricted to the following areas:

    1.    The baseball diamond on the southeast section of the Sheridan Hills School Grounds.


    2.    The baseball diamonds on the northeast and southwest (along Oliver Avenue) sections of the junior high school grounds.  Baseball is not permitted on the softball fields east of the junior high parking lot.


    3.    The baseball diamonds on the northeast and northwest sections of the intermediate school grounds.


    4.    The baseball diamonds on the Richfield High School athletic field.


    Notice of these prohibitions shall be posted.


    ADOPTED  BY  THE  BOARD  OF  EDUCATION:        January 22, 1991