Policy 676


    The Richfield Public Schools shall make available to adults, programs in the following categories: 


    1.      Adult basic education - to include English as a Second Language, G.E.D. preparation, skill development, and high school diploma programs


    2.      Early childhood family education parenting programs


    3.      General enrichment community education courses


    4.      Off campus college credit courses


    5.      Auditing of regular senior high classes


    The community education administrator shall be responsible for the development and administration of programs offered through Community Education.  The community education administrator shall also be responsible for coordinating, scheduling, assigning meeting spaces, and making other arrangements to accommodate courses offered by local colleges and universities. Post secondary institutions will be charged a minimal fee to help cover additional cleaning services necessitated by the offering of their courses.



    Adult education programs offered through Community Education are supported by patron fees, local levy, and federal, state and private grants.  Courses offered by post secondary institutions in Richfield facilities are supported by fees and tuition charged by the respective institutions.


    ADOPTED BY THE BOARD OF EDUCATION:       April 2, 1978


    AMENDED BY THE BOARD OF EDUCATION:       July 21, 1986; January 7, 1991; September 15, 2003


    REAFFIRMED BY THE BOARD OF EDUCATION: December 8, 1998, August 12, 2013