Policy 608



    The purpose of this policy is to set forth the position of the school board on the need for special education services on the part of some students in the school district.

    The school board recognizes that some students need special education, and further recognizes the importance of providing a free, appropriate public education and delivery system for students in need of special education.

    The school board accepts its responsibility to identify, evaluate, and provide special instruction and services for children with disabilities who are properly the responsibility of the school district and who meet the criteria to qualify for special instruction and services as set forth in Minnesota and federal law.

    The school district shall ensure that all qualified children with disabilities are provided the special instruction and services which are appropriate to their educational needs.

    When such services require or result from interagency cooperation, the school district shall participate in such interagency activities in compliance with the law.

    ADOPTED BY THE BOARD OF EDUCATION:    February 2, 1981

    AMENDED BY THE BOARD OF EDUCATION:    July 21, 1986; January 22, 1991; June 15, 1998; August 4, 2003

    REAFFIRMED BY THE BOARD OF EDUCATION:       August 12, 2013                  

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