Policy 523



    1.    An honor group of the senior class will be selected for graduation honors, the number to be determined by the administration. 

    2.    The above honors are to be construed as strictly scholastic honors. 

    3.    Honor students will be designated as such on the commencement program. 

    4.    At commencement exercises, the honor conferred by the high school will be the only honors presented. 

    5.    Students being duly accepted during their senior year as transfers from other schools will be graduated from our school at commencement time.  Students transferring to another high school and being accepted by that high school will be graduated from the high school to which they transfer.

    ADOPTED  BY  THE  BOARD  OF  EDUCATION:     November 21, 1960   

    AMENDED  BY  THE  BOARD  OF  EDUCATION:    February 26, 1962

                                                                                                 January 22, 1991